10 iPhone Apps I can't live without


Inspired by Mike Arrington's post on Web Apps he can't live without, here is my list of iPhone apps that I use on a daily basis. This is not the same list as "best apps", it doesn't for example include games and other apps that I enjoy from time to time. These are the apps that I use every day, or nearly every day, and that I would sorely miss if they disappeared.

zenbe lists iphone app1. ZenBe Lists.  I use Zenbe daily to keep track of my to do list. I access it now mainly over the iPhone, but the website is also excellent. I especially like the idea of managing multiple to do lists on the phone.

netnewswire iphone app2. NetNewsWire.  These days, almost all the news I ingest is via this NewsGator iPhone app.  Originally addicted to Google Reader, I recently switched over to NewsGator for the iPhone support. I actually find parsing through my feed list is more efficient on the iPhone than on the web.

twinkle iphone app3. Twinkle. I love Twinkle a little less than when I originally reviewed it (the star motif is getting very very old), but I still use it as my Twitter client. I'm definitely still open to alternatives though...

facebook iphone app4. Facebook. I now use the Facebook app versus the website almost exclusively. But for me at least Facebook and Twitter are now almost the same program -- checking on the overall friend feed.

shazam iphone app5. Shazam. I find myself using Shazam almost daily to identify songs on the car radio. This app is simply brilliant.

pandora iphone app6. Pandora. While I do like LastFM, I keep on coming back to Pandora for music discovery. I also find it great for parties. Choose a channel and let Pandora be the DJ.

bloomberg iphone app7. Bloomberg. For stock market and buisness news Bloomberg is the king. The app is zippy and good looking, and the charts are great.

aim iphone app8. AOL Instant Messenger. I dislike AOL and everything the company represents, but I still need to use AIM as an instant messenger. The iPhone app works just great.

movies iphone app9. Movies. I had to throw this one in there. I really love the movies app by Flixster. I don't use it every day, but i find it increadibly convienent for looking up showtimes and watching trailers.

calendar iphone app10. Calendar. Ok, well it comes with the iPhone, but it really has changed my life. With MobileMe, my calendar is allways up to date. I now manage my schedule on my iPhone, not on the web or the desktop.

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  • Evan

    Great list. I would switch out ZenBe with KeyTasks by Chapura since it supports Outlook tasks.

  • Erika

    I agree with Shazam and Twinke (mostly because I haven't used all of these listed), but for Facebook I am really liking this new app that I just found yesterday named Ziibii. It has a great new concept and instead of lists they use "rafts" to float headlines across your screen. It's new. I enjoy it. It's free. Get it at the iTunes store now.

  • http://coolblogname.com Pip

    AIM for iPhone works great? I think, good sir, that you may be high. AIM is known for being an awful application.

    Please, please do yourself a huge favor and download BeejiveIM. It's so very much better in every conceivable way.

  • Jon

    I have to say that the Remember The Milk client is the best ToDo I've used, and their web site rocks. Also, until they have push notification on the iPhone, the web site will let you have SMS notification on ToDo dates. So not only do you have the OTA sync with the web site, but you also get notifications of Due Tasks, down to a date an time, through free SMS.

  • TheRealGomez

    I wish Fieldrunners made this list, although it was released after this list was created. Here check out there review of Fieldruners I'm sure you'll agree.

  • http://lifeofafi.wordpress.com Fi

    Actually, Google Reader works very well on the iPod/iPhone.

    Go to http://www.google.com/reader/i/ on the phone, and make it into a button on the homescreen. Works a treat, pictures resize perfectly etc.


  • http://lifeofafi.wordpress.com Fi

    Oh, and I'm a TwitterFon fan.
    It's better than the web twitter. I don't know what fon means though

  • connor

    What a boring list...Im begining to hate my iphone more and more every day...its all To do list for this and to do for that, and when your not looking at what TO DO, the only other option seem to be to twitter or social network via facebook or the like

    i only just read that one of the most popular and downloaded app is a "WEATHER" app....Wot?
    Why Why Why? Go to the window people, turn the news on or better step outside and check the weather for yourself...Go outside and twitter to someone real. We need to get back to life before iphones and smartphones dictated our daily life and allowed us to hide away from reality

  • DeadZoning

    CONNOR - you seem to be very angry - would you like to sell me your iPhone? Otherwise, try jailbraking it / I found it to be very interesting to learn and try some of the to-die for 3rd party apps not found or allowed via a regular iPhone app store. (i.e. Categories; SBSettings; Backgrounder; Clippy; WinterBoard; Cydia; Installer; dTunes; Safari Download plugin; MxTube; just to name a few).
    If you would like to learn more try:
    Very useful Blog - here you can learn about the to-die for 3rd party apps / as well and how-to's for many of the popular apps.

  • http://twitter.com/myemailisjustin Justin

    I personally can't live without "Gods Bible" app. I use that thing EVERY DAY, and it really has changed my outlook on life since I'm using it daily. I love the clean, simple interface & I can't wait until the next day comes around when I can read what's next. http://GodsBible.maluspumila.net if you're interested in seeing what I'm talking about.

  • Stella

    I am moving from a Palm to an i phone. Is there a way to be in calendar and lookup a contact and have the contact name and number listed on the selected time and date?

  • John

    I can't live without my Socially Awkward Penguin app. Everyone loves it at partys. It's probably got me laid at least 2 times.

  • http://www.PocketShotApps.com PocketShooter

    Connor, I think you'd benefit from my 'Pocket Shot' app. Could be just what you need.

  • http://www.daddydoesdiapers.blogspot.com McCall

    If you think Pandora is good, check out Slacker.com and their iPhone app. MUCH more customizable and the free version may only allow 6 skips an hour, but that's PER STATION. Just switch stations (or create a new station from any song or artist, and you've got another six skips! Their are ads every 45-60 min, or you can pay $4.00 a month or something and lose the ads while getting unlimited skips (a nice laptop/desktop app as well).
    Do a spot of research and I am sure you'll be a convert too!

  • Terry Noris

    I would say that I use AIM more than any other of my iphone apps. Which is actually surprising because I had gotten away from it on my computer several years ago. I just don't have a full data plan, so it makes more sense to do my messaging through AIM than SMS.

  • http://www.google.com/ Kaedon

    Clear, inomfratvie, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  • http://hpfkidpdmfkz.com/ drxzadsm

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