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WordJong is a Word Puzzle and Mahjong in One Game

Every time I begin to think I've seen every imaginable variation on a word game, along comes something like Gameblend Studios' WordJong. Evidently the game has been around for the PC, DS and Wii platforms for quite a while, so I'm surprised I haven't run across it before.

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Give Your Photos Goofy Makeovers with PicTricks

The first question I asked myself when I viewed PicTricks by Ziconic is what audience this app was intended for. Based on the juvenile photo-altering functions, I would have to guess this iPhone app was created for tweens and teens, most likely girls.

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MotionX Poker Dice is the Game to Beat

I could play MotionX Poker, from MotionX, all day long, every day for the next year, and I'd still be shaking my head and iPhone in awe. MotionX Poker is poker (five-draw card) dice.They're dice with a playing card on each of their six sides: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 (there are no suits, so there are no flushes).

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Send Multiple Pics in One Message with Multi-Photo Email

Multi-Photo Email: In the race to have the shiniest, most feature-heavy phone, iPhone users are pretty much at the front of the pack. I myself went through about three phones a year, always looking for something, well, cooler, until I got my iPhone.

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Interview with Mark Simpson of Touch Physics

AppCraver recently spoke via email with Mark Simpson, the creator of Touch Physics. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. 1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

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Physics-bases Bubble Game is Good iPhone App for Just Fillin' Time

Just Fillin' - Some of my favorite apps for killing time are games that are quick and easy to play. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good puzzler or a more complex game for down time, but sometimes I just want an entertaining way to pass a few minutes while sitting and waiting somewhere.

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Solitaire City Deluxe Adds Razzle-Dazzle Extras, Like Playing Over Wi-Fi

Solitaire City Deluxe, from Digital Smoke, is one of the best-looking Solitaire apps I've come across in the App Store, although let's face it: Solitaire is Solitaire. Everyone is a bit of an expert at playing at least one of the long-time card games invented by and for bored and lonely people.

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Newtonica2: Plucky Puzzle Game Requires Strategy

Of all the games that I've downloaded for my iPhone, Newtonica2 by Fieldsystem Inc is quite possibly the nicest. Or the most aesthetically pleasing, at any rate. The graphics are fairly simple, but they look terrific.

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Platypus: Retro Arcade Side-Scroll Shooter Modeled in Clay

Platypus, from Handmark, ranks among the best-looking side-scrolling shooting games to debut in the App Store. Heck, make that one of the best-looking games in the entire App Store. It's got great claymation-style, colorful graphics.

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Tweetie is the Only Twitter Client You Need

Do we really need another twitter client for the iPhone? If you are considering Tweetie, the answer is yes. When I started using Tweetie by atebits, this app felt familiar and comfortable, like I had been using it all along as my primary twitter client.

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Bobby Carrot Forever: A Game Suitable For Kids

Strange and wonderful things happen in dreamland when rabbits go to sleep; this is the premise of Bobby Carrot Forever. An award-winning iPhone app from FDG Entertainment, Bobby Carrot Forever is an animated adventure that requires the gamer to solve puzzles and find carrots before moving to the next level.

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Rick Rocketson Brings Old-School Platformer into Modern Times

Rick Rocketson Pro, our hero in the similarly named game from Liquid Air Lab, was trekking home one day or night (in space it's hard to tell) at warp speed when a band of marauding space  pirates shot him down.

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Interview with Viximo’s Rob Frasca and Jon Klein

AppCraver recently interviewed Viximo’s Rob Frasca, CEO and Jon Klein, developer, about Viximo's new  TrueFlirt and TrueFlirt Lite apps, which are designed to make it easy for people to "flirt with style." 1.

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Up There Demonstrates How "Uplifting" an App Can Be

This intriguing app really is “Up There” on the list of well designed games for iPhone/iPod Touch. Up There is a simple game with seamless design that takes advantage of the accelerometer. The game is merely a maze of sorts, but combines many outstanding features to turn a simple concept into a fun application.

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Kronos' Action Bowling Rolls a Perfect Game

There are several bowling games in the App Store but in my opinion, none is in the same league as Action Bowling, from Kronos Games. It's about as close to real bowling as you're going to get on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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