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BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset: Excellent Audio Quality in a Lightweight Package

BlueAnt V1 Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G, iPhone – I haven’t been a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. I’ve tried a couple and I’ve never managed to get comfortable with them.

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It Takes Moxie to Win this Word Game

Moxie, a bitter soda from Maine, has come to mean “guts” or “nerve. It probably has something to do with the intestinal fortitude of those who drink this belly-washer. Moxie, the app from Blue Ox, also requires a strong stomach because you have to be willing to gamble to form words to score big points without using up all the letters in your hand.

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StoneLoops! of Jurassica Before is Replayable Puzzle Smasher

If you’ve ever played the online marble-popping game Luxor, then you might want to check out PlayCreek’s StoneLoops! of Jurassica, a very similarly designed game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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Spotlight: Piero DePaoli, senior director of global product marketing for iPass

The number of Wi-Fi locations and Wi-Fi on the iPhone and iPod touch made the creation of iPass Global Wi-Fi  service a no-brainer, says Piero DePaoli, senior director of global product marketing for iPass.

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Buy ! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble on the App Store

Squeeze Some Photo Fun out of Squeeze it

If you like fun little apps that let you play with pictures, then check out Squeeze it by Longneck. Similar to Face Melter, Squeeze it is a face deformer and wobble app that is surprisingly easy to use.

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IndieBound Uses iPhone to Promote Business for Local Booksellers

Like everyone else, independent bookstores are struggling in today's knuckle-dragging economy, but their problems started years ago with the arrival of big-box bookstores in malls.

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Buy WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts & Alerts on the App Store

WeatherBug Elite is Well Worth the Extra Dollar

WeatherBug Elite - A great many iPhone and Touch users I know have the free version of WeatherBug installed on their device. I did too, for a long time and then a few weeks ago I upgraded to WeatherBug Elite, which eliminates ads and provides additional features.

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Buy At Bat on the App Store At Bat Drives In The Winning Run At Bat iPhone app by is the perfect app for any baseball fan. If you need an up to the minute score, want to listen to a game, or see the highlights, you can do so right from your iPhone.

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Elvis Mobile is all Shook Up

If you’re a fan of the site, you’ll like the Elvis Mobile app. However, it you’re a fan of Elvis, then you might not find the Elvis Mobile app as appealing. Elvis Mobile is a direct link to, the site run by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

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Buy Yahoo on the App Store

Yahoo! on iPhone and iPod touch Beats Blackberry

Do you Yahoo? If so, you can now download Yahoo! onto your iPhone or Touch for free. Yahoo has combined news, weather, social networking, and other features into an all-in-one application with a few new features, like a “press and speak” voice input for searching and the ability to customize your own interests for quick viewing.

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Developer Rajesh Jain Banks on CalcsPro and His Mortgage Background

Rajesh Jain, is the developer of CalcsPro, one of the more popular mortgage calculator apps. We got in touch with Rajesh recently to see how well his app has been doing in the App Store, to find out what else he's working on and what impact he believes the debut of OS 3.0 will have on his app dev plans.

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F-MyLife: On The Go Pick Me Up

F-MyLife - If you’re ever having one of those days that has you staring into space thinking your life sucks; You have a few options, either do something to improve your day or tap into the F-MyLife iPhone app by enormego and enjoy the dreadful accounts of people whose days are going far worse than yours.

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Buy mShopping - Powerful Shopping List on the App Store

mShopping - Powerful Shopping List is Built for Power Shopping

If you’re looking for a shopping list app that is a bit more detailed and organized than just a simple list format, mShopping by iPhone Studio may be the perfect app for you. I have tried a few shopping lists myself, most of which escape my memory and are either lost in the menu pages of my device or deleted because I didn’t use them.

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AdMob: iPhone Outweighs Competitors by Five Times Its Size Would Suggest

Despite its comparatively small share of the global smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone has been throwing its weight around like a pro sumo wrestler, according to AdMob’s monthly Mobile Metrics Report.

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Control Issues Prevent Car Jack Streets from Achieving Elite Status

Car Jack Streets - Here we welcome a new game that enters the sandbox genre popularized by the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. Like the excellent torchbearer Payback proves, the iPhone is very capable of delivering free-roaming fun.

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