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Shift Is a Fine Puzzler

Echochrome was one of my favorite games of 2008. It was a PSP downloadable puzzle game that was all about changing perspectives and using physics to solve puzzles to complete levels. So when a game brings back memories of spending hours playing through Echochrome, it’s a very good thing in my world.

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Hello Vino Associates Wine with Food

Hello Vino, from Drive Thru Interactive, aims to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: What wine makes a good match for a pizza with pineapple and ham? Answer: Any wine that will kill the taste of pineapple (Ba-doom!).

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Buy Ransom Letters - Picture Messages on the App Store

Nabbed Makes Fun Photo Captions

Using hundreds of letters cut from magazines, Nabbed from More Blu Sky is a creative way to add captions to your photos. I am not sure how Nabbed chose its app name, but perhaps it is because the letters look like a ransom note when they are used to make words to add to your photos. 

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Little Runner Keeps on Going and Going

Little Runner - Though there are a handful of simple, black and white line art games in the App Store, few are truly worth more than a few moments of play. Though I was skeptical of Little Runner because of its super simplistic presentation, it turned out to be a semi-addicting little game that seems to have some good potential.

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Create and Sync Notes with Evernote

The notebook-on-steroids service Evernote has been steadily growing stronger since its App Store debut. Version 3.0 is the best yet with some extra features that improve its usefulness and stability.

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Buy Wild West Pinball - Machine for angry oregon cowboys armed with flippers and revolvers! on the App Store

It's Not A Stick Up, It's Wild West Pinball

* Update: As noted in the comments below, Wild West Pinball is no longer free. The limited time promotion is over. In anticipation of their latest pinball game launch, OOO Gameprom has made Wild West Pinball available for free for a limited time.

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iCommander Takes Charge of the Tank Battle

In iCommander,  from Gogo Mobile,  you assume the role of a tank brigade commander and your mission is to blast the invading forces out of the sky. It’s the old “do unto others before they undo you,” side scroller with excellent graphics, sound effects and game play.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With ShakeItPhoto

ShakeItPhoto by Nick Campbell is a pretty simple app that works just like the iPhone camera app, but simulates a Polaroid camera. Perhaps you’re old enough to remember whipping out the clunky Polaroid camera for snapping instant photos and then delicately holding the film by the corner and shaking the crap out of it so it would develop faster.

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Buy Real Racing on the App Store

Real Racing: The Review and 3G vs 3GS

Firemint's follow up iPhone offering goes a different route than the causally inclined Flight Control that has been a consistent occupant on the Top 25. For me, Real Racing is a surprise coming from Firemint as they’ve rolled out a powerhouse racing title that is determined to shock and awe gamers of all stripes.

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Interview with Open Cellar developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ

French developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ, says he’s always been passionate about wine, which led him to develop a desktop app for wine enthusiasts called Open Cellar on Desktop a few years ago.

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Jungle Bloxx is Digital Chocolate's Latest Puzzle Adventure

Jungle Bloxx - From their early titles like Chocolate Shop Frenzy to their most recent, Digital Chocolate is becoming somewhat of a giant in the way of App Store games. Many of their games, like Crazy Penguin Catapult and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution have become fast favorites of many users.

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Buy Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima on the App Store

Brain Exercise Keeps You Thinking Young

I just finished working out with Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima and I think I might have overdone it because my head hurts. If you want to stay mentally sharp, you need to work your brain as though it were a muscle.

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Buy iWrecked - Auto Accident Assistant on the App Store

You Might Need iWrecked - Auto Accident Assistant

I would like to say that I have never had a car accident but, unfortunately, this is not the case. I have been in five car accidents in the past 15 years. (None of them were my fault.  I swear it). 

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Buy MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic on the App Store

MapQuest 4 Mobile Makes It Easy for You to Find Your Way

MapQuest 4 Mobile – I've always been a fan and user of MapQuest  but I don't think AOL's MapQuest 4 Mobile offers any more functionality than many other apps that use maps to help you find nearby eateries, hotels, discounts and so on.

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Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers will have you jumping and speeding your way through alleys and corridors in a mad rush to avoid the cops. There is a lot of fun to be had as you try and leap your way to safety and collect cash.

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