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21 & FUN!
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iPhone game - 21 and FunCard lovers that enjoy the game of 21 can find many different versions of play and devices to play their favorite game on. Many of the old handheld games offer a version of 21. Some computer games have 21 also. Splashworks.com Inc has now introduced the 21 & Fun - Share scores on Facebook iPhone app to that group of choices.

The goal of 21 & Fun is to score as many 21’s as you can before the clock runs out and then you can, um,  share the scores on Facebook.  The card values are the same as the traditional game of 21. At the conclusion of play you have the option and ability to post your score directly to your Facebook page.

When you start play with 21 & Fun, you immediately see a clock starting a count down from two minutes and your first card is dealt at the top of the screen. Below you’ll notice four lanes, as cards are drawn at the top of the screen you then select which lane to place that card. Try to place cards that will total 21 in each lane.  A joker takes on any value so whatever lane you place it in will be a 21.  Five cards in a lane without busting always gives you a win in that lane also. Once you score 21 or bust, that lane is emptied and you can place new cards within that lane.

The more 21’s you achieve, playing 21 & Fun, the more points you will score in a round. There are two meters one on each side of the screen. On the left side is the point meter, which increases with each 21 scored. On the right side is the Streak Multiplier that increases every time you achieve consecutive 21’s. If you bust the Streak Multiplier will then reset.

Bonus points and additional time are awarded during play for a variety of circumstances. For example, one of the lanes is a mystery lane, scoring 21 in the mystery land rewards additional points.

21 & Fun  has three modes of play Classic, Advanced and Expert. Each game is played as previously described. The difference in the mode is basically what you are able to see while playing. In Classic Mode you have the total points of each lane listed at the top of each lane so you always know the point totals of the cards placed in that lane. When playing the Advanced Mode Lane Totals is disabled. Expert Mode turns off Lane Totals and Mystery Lane.

21 & Fun - Share scores on Facebook has very nice graphics, and silly sounds and for those that enjoy the game of 21, this fast paced action should offer you a pretty good time.

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