3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War Brings Dogfighter Game Back from the Past

3-D FIGHTER PILOT : Guns of War (AppStore Link)
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3-D FIGHTER PILOT : Guns of War
Developer: Michael Nielsen
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

guns of war iphoneFighter pilot games are almost always fun and I've wasted a zillion hours playing a bunch of them over the years. DumbGames.net's 3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War doesn't add anything to the genre, but it plays okay.

3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War gives you a choice of five classic World War II fighters. Which plane you choose to pilot, and the one you choose to dogfight with, determines your theater of combat (Europe, North Africa or the Pacific). You can switch perspectives inside and outside the cockpit with a tap on the lower left side (use a magnifying glass to read the fine print).

Like many flying and driving games for the iPhone and iPod touch, you have a choice of motion control or touch control. There are sensitivity settings too. I thought the planes were challenging to fly using  the motion control, but very responsive with touch control. Still, the motion control is the obvious choice; otherwise, you'll be swirling your finger around the middle of the screen.

With 3-D Fighter Pilot: Guns of War you can vary your air speed using the throttle on the left side. You can rattle 50-caliber machine guns and launch air-to-air missiles using two buttons on the right side. The buttons look odd to me. They're much better rendered than the rest of the game's graphics. The throttle looks like it was clipped from a magazine (it's hard to describe exactly).

Arrows, which you can turn on/off, point you toward the bad guys and a radar screen in the upper right corner gives you an idea where you are in relationship to other planes. Guns of War has three modes: easy, normal and hard.

The graphics are so-so. The initial launch screen looks like it came from a CP/M machine out of the early '80s.

The thing that makes me most unhappy is the lack of engine noise when you're flying.

The game is competently executed. It's just not all that fun. 3-D Fighter Pilot is $1.99 now, which helps its appeal. DumbGames says it going to $4.99 after the introductory price. Get it for $1.99 if you want a flight fighter. Pass on this one if goes to $4.99.

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