3 Numbers is a Travel Utility App that Provides Way More than 3 Functions

3 Numbers Traveler's Conversion App (AppStore Link)
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3 Numbers Traveler's Conversion App
Developer: Politepix UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
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3-numbers-iphone-app3 Numbers - Despite the influx of tip calculators, currency converters, note apps and other utilitarian applications for iPhone, the new releases keep coming. One of the latest, 3 Numbers by Politepix, is a traveler’s multi-tool, enabling conversion of currency and units combined with both standard and tip calculators and more. In some ways, 3 Numbers strives to be an all-in-one app for traveling, and while it definitely has some unique features, it remains a practical application by sheer design.

3 Numbers has an old-world navigation appearance, which is quite elegant, but could be over the top for more practical users. Fortunately, this was taken into consideration and there is an option to for an incognito appearance. Which ever appearance you choose, 3 Numbers has a relatively simple to follow interface, though some aspects of 3 Numbers may not be obvious at first glance. There is a help section accessible by tapping the information icon shown in the currency conversion mode that contains directions.

So what can you do with 3 Numbers? Certainly more than 3 things, as the name tends to imply. The name is derived from the ability to retain up to 3 numbers you might use repeatedly by storing them to the fields at the top of the screen. I’m not exactly sure what instances this would be useful for, but perhaps there are a few. The main features of 3 Numbers are the currency and unit conversion tools and the tip calculator.

3 Numbers offers dozens of different currencies and conversion rates can be updated instantly. To use the currency converter, simply select the “from” currency in the left hand side of the dial scroll wheel and the “to” currency on the right. Tap the field above on the left to enter an amount and then tap the arrow button to convert. Similarly, entering into the unit conversion tool, the same UI applies and you can convert units to meters, kilometers, inches, feet, miles and knots as well as units of temperature, speed, and weight.

Like most tip calculators, the 3 Numbers tip calculator offers a sliding percentage scale and the ability to calculate the split of the total bill. Additionally, 3 Numbers has tipping “tips” for different countries, such as the standard dining tip, taxi tip, and other useful information that can serve as a guide while traveling. The final feature of 3 Numbers is the ability to take notes and upload them to a computer on the same network.

While there are several apps available that you could combine to perform similar tasks, some of which may be free, 3 Numbers is a fairly intuitive and simple to use multi-feature app that can perform a variety of tasks on the go. And for its current price, you can hardly beat it.

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    [Retweet] 3 Numbers is a Travel Utility App that Provides Way More than 3 Functions http://bit.ly/egLru #iphone http://bit.ly/TONXs

  • http://www.politepix.com/3Numbers Halle

    Thanks for the thumbs-up, Jennifer! One thing you might do with the number holders: if you've used the tip/split calculator and you have the total price you paid for your meal, you could drag it into a number holder and then drag it right into a note for your expense tracking. I use them for calculations with multiple stages, like adding up a couple of different bills and converting into EUR before making a note about the day's expenses.

    If anyone has any feedback, questions, feature requests for future updates, or wants to say hi, I'll be here or you can contact me via the form at http://www.politepix.com/3Numbers !


    Halle, Designer/Developer: 3 Numbers

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    3 Numbers is a Travel Utility App that Provides Way More than 3 Functions http://tinyurl.com/ktgfg6