3D Brick Breaker Revolution is a Solid Take on a Classic


3d brick breaker revolution iphone app3D Brick Breaker Revolution by Digital Chocolate is a completely modern take on the classic Breakout genre, complete with 3D graphics, bonus levels, boss levels and some very cool power ups.

I have actually had the Lite version of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution on my device for quite some time, but with the full version reduced to $2.99, it’s hard to resist. Features include three different game modes, infinite levels, intuitive controls and multiple power up capsules.

For anyone who can recall the earliest versions of the brick breaking games, you’ll recall that control and stability could make or break a game like this. 3D Brick Breaker Revolution features two methods of touch control. You can use the onscreen arrows, ergonomically placed to engage your thumbs, or use the touch slide beneath the paddle. I prefer the touch slide controls, but could see where it might be difficult for people with large hands and fingers. Thus, having two methods available, which you can switch back and forth between mid-game, is highly intuitive.

Power ups in 3D Brick Breaker Revolution come in the form of three different colored capsules. Green capsules contain good power ups like nukes, smart bombs, grenades, guns, and other brick-destroying help. Red capsules carry power ups that could deter progress, such as small paddle or fast ball, and gray capsules are mystery capsules with random surprises. As they are earned, the usable power ups are stored to the sides of the brick field until used or until you lose a life.

The three available game modes within 3D Brick Breaker Revolution include classic, revolution, and timed attack. Achievements are available in the options menu, which present a series of challenges to be completed in each mode. Auto save is always engaged in case of accidental or quick shut down.

While there is one semi-annoying aspect of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution, which is the robotic narrator who talks before and after each game, you can skip over it if you choose. Aside from that, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution is all it claims to be — engaging, intuitive, and addicting fun. Try 3D Brick Breaker Revolution Lite for free before you buy, but keep in mind, you are given only a very limited number of levels in comparison to this full version and the upgrade is well worth it if you enjoy the game.

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  • NatalieJ

    I love this app. Its perfect for when I'm out and about and need to pass some time (like at the dentist waiting for 20 minutes)

  • http://twitter.com/dchocgames/status/1588826074 Digital Chocolate

    3D Brick Breaker Revolution gets 9/10 score from AppCraver! Check out the review: http://budurl.com/ay83