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X-Plane 9: Flight Simulator Comes to the iPhone

For $9.99, XPlane offers a realistic flight simulator experience for the iPhone. Released last week, and developed in only a month, the app takes full advantage of the accelerometer of the iPhone to create a truly accurate flying experience.

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Zombies in Flight iPhone Game Fights for Zombie Rights

Zombies in Flight iPhone Game Fights for Zombie Rights

KadaMedia has released its newest title for the iPhone, "Zombies in Flight" that is a zombie adventure unlike anything you have seen before! In all the "other" zombie games, you go on mission after mission trying to kill zombies.

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An Elephants Flight, a safari racing game is out now for free on iOS

Buy Elephant Flight Madness - Free Crazy Safari Racing Adventure Mania on the App Store

Ready, set, fly! Ellis Crosby, mobile app developer, has announced that An Elephant's Flight: A Safari Racing Adventure is now available on iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

An Elephant's Flight, the first game from Crosby, is free to play and launches on the Apple App Store with five elephants to race across forty levels over four themes.

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Flight of the Hamsters is an Absolute Blast

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, Flight of the Hamsters for the iPhone/iPod touch is a unique game app that utilizes touch screen controls to launch hamsters from a spring board on as continuous a flight as possible to achieve the greatest distance.

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Flight Control is a Complete Joy to Play

Buy Flight Control on the App Store

Flight Control - There is no greater joy than playing a simple game that knows and relishes the fact that it’s a simple game. Firemint has done just that with the release of their new title, Flight Control, a game that delivers an air traffic controller experience that is tailor made for the iPhone.

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Flight Unlimited Las Vegas for iPhone and iPad Goes Free

Buy Flight Unlimited Las Vegas on the App Store

Flight Systems LLC has announced that their top ranked Flight Simulator, Flight Unlimited Las Vegas, is free for the next 24 hours. The game normally sells for $4.99.

Enjoy the city of Las Vegas in one of 5 unique aircraft.

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Biiplane Offers Good Flight; Little Else

Buy BiiPlane - Flying Game on the App Store

Biiplane is a flying app that will test your ability to maneuver your iPhone or iPod Touch through a simplistic obstacle course. It works well as a flight simulator through its use of the accelerometer.

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Cybernate Releases App of High-Flying Fun with Skeleton Flight

Buy Skeleton Flight on the App Store

Cybernate today is proud to announce the release of the company's latest app, Skeleton Flight. The new application incorporates the best features of the most popular games for hours of carefree fun.

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RC Plane 2 is Ultimate iOS Flight Simulator

Buy Rc Plane 2 on the App Store

With its robust mini games, realistic controls and fantastic music, RC Plane 2 for iPhone and iPad is one flight simulator that I've really enjoyed lately.

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In Flight Tycoon version 2.0, you will never fly alone

Time flies; planes fly. Nearly two months after the debut of Flight Tycoon version 1.9, Dreamingame co., ltd, developer of a wide range of iOS games, released its version 2.0 on App Store.

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More features added for more enjoyment on Flight Tycoons 2.1 update

DreaminGame today is pleased to announce the latest major update for Flight Tycoon, the company's widely acclaimed iOS game. In addition to fixing bugs, this 2.1 release comes with a bunch of exciting new features, including added scenes and an innovative login system.

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Swine Time is an entertaining flight in under 30 seconds

Buy SWINE TIME - Reaction Test on the App Store

There seems to be a correlation for me lately... The shorter a game is, the longer I play it. And this is certainly the case with Swine Time, the newest release from Vito Technology.
If you're lucky, a game of Swine Time will take 30-60 seconds to play.

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U.S. Air Force Proposes Buying 18,000 Apple iPads for Flight Crews

In what could be the largest purchase order of computer tablets by the government ever, the Air Mobility Command has announced they are proposing to buy over 18,000 Apple iPads for pilots and flight crews of the U.S.

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Fighter Pilot a Confused Flight

Buy FIGHTER PILOT on the App Store

The iPhone's accelerometer is perfectly suited for games where you hold it horizontally and "steer" it back and forth to control a vehicle. It has worked well in Crash Bandicoot and other popular games.

Unfortunately, not so in Fighter Pilot - Dogfight Battle - Jet Aircraft, (yes, that is what they list it as in the App Store. We'll call it Fighter Pilot for short) a new game from the unfortunately-named

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Top Gun Scores in Flight School and War

Buy TOP GUN on the App Store

Top Gun has everything going for it: It's just been released by Paramount, a game publisher with a good rep. Iron Man, another shooter-on-rails earned good reviews when Paramount released it in December 2008.

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Airfight Puts You In The Cockpit of a Flight Simulator

Buy AirFight on the App Store

Airfight is a good attempt at delivering a dogfight sim for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developing an app with the complexities involved is no minor feat, and most of the game play turns out quite well. But there is some room to grow and other features that would make this even more compelling.

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Freedom Flights - The Adventures of Cocky is Now Free

Buy Freedom Flights: Adventures of Cocky - Island Escape Action Game Free on the App Store

There's no place like home for Cocky the parrot as he uses any means he can - sailboat, glider and even jet pack - to battle an evil rat and a sneaky snake to flee a tropical island in Freedom Flights - The Adventures of Cocky.

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FlightCode 2.50 is the Aviation Dictionary Pros Need and Travelers Love

Apps2Go today is pleased to announce FlightCode 2.50, an aviation dictionary in your pocket. Even seasoned professionals from the aviation sector are not always able to decipher each code displayed on planning documents, airports or even in the aircraft itself.

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Award-winning geography app GeoFlight South America released for iPad

Buy GeoFlight South America: Learning South American Geography made easy and fun on the App Store

TopoMonkey today is thrilled to announce the release of its award-winning geography app, GeoFlight South America for iPad. GeoFlight South America is an educational iPad game that makes learning geography fun!

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It's Smooth Sailing With Wings

Buy Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience on the App Store

If you are looking to kick back and take a casual flight with your iPhone (and who isn't?) then Wings - Filght Experience is your app. You can glide or float through different weather patterns and maneuver your iPlane through the air.

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Stunning 3D iOS game: Galaxy Dash now supports Multiplay and is Free

ATO today is pleased to announce that its 3D dash game, 'Galaxy Dash' is now free. In this version, you can compete with your friend via local multiplay or other players around world via Game Center.

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Ramble Interactive Releases Dragonfly Fleet for iOS

Buy Dragonfly Fleet on the App Store

Ramble Interactive today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Dragonfly Fleet on iOS. Set high in the WWII skies and featuring music by The United States Air Force Band, this exciting uniquely themed shoot-em-up game offers endless amounts of high-flying fun for both one or two players.

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Mad Dragon-Energetic Runner Full of Character and Unique Features on iOS

Buy Mad Dragon on the App Store

Mad Dragon 1.1, a new physics-based endless running game by Cycleplay is now available free on the App Store. The energetic world of Mad Dragon is packed with crates and buildings to smash into.

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Parachute Panic Tragically Trips Over Itself

Buy Parachute Panic HD on the App Store

In the arms race to supplant the reigning kings (e.g Flight Control, Pocket God, etc.) of one dollar casual gaming, development teams have to bring it hard. FDG Entertainment's Parachute Panic is one the latest games looking to make some noise in that space.

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Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

Buy RocketBird For Kids on the App Store

Rocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

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