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Best-selling Ocarina Puts You in Touch With Your Inner Vibe

I'm not much of a musician. Back in grade school, I was always the kid who got the triangle while all the other kids got flutes, slide whistles, thumb pianos and other neat instruments. So when I first saw Smule's Ocarina, currently the best-selling, paid app in the App Store, I knew I would finally be able to express my inner vibe.

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Smule's Says Its Ocarina Contest 'Blows'

To celebrate the success of its hugely popular Ocarina musical app, Smule, its developers, has launched an online video contest.
Smule will award $1,000 to each of the best 10 video creators and T-shirts to the runners ups.

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Smule Names Top 10 Ocarina Users Who Blow; Contest Extended for 5 More Winners

When something "blows," it's usually a bad thing. Here's a case where something "blows," and it's a good thing. In fact, it's $1,000 worth of goodness.
About a month ago, Smule, the developer of the extraordinarily successful Ocarina musical app, launched its "This Contest Blows" competition.

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Interview: Ocarina is Music to the Ears of Smule's Founders

Smule's Ocarina iPhone app is an electronic version of the physical instrument. Blow into the microphone, touch any combination of four "holes" and tilt the phone to alter vibrato. If you have any talent (I don't) you'll be playing music in no time.

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Harmonica is as Close as you'll get to the Real Deal

Buy Harmonica on the App Store

Harmonica is a little app created by Benjamin McDowell, developed in the same vein as Ocarina. It's designed to be used like a real harmonica.
Just like the real thing, you place the iPhone in your mouth and slide from side to side to play notes.

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Drum Kit Rolls but It Doesn't Rock

Buy Drum Kit Pro on the App Store

If you're easily amused, you'll like the Drum Kit app from CrimsonJet. It's a six-piece drum kit that you can play using your thumbs.
Tap the snare, bass drum, cymbals to pound out a beat. Choose from among four flavors of sound: classic, rock, hip hop and techno.

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Not Everything in the App Store that Glitters is Real Gold

A wise man once said: "The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight.”
That pretty much sums up a recent article in Newsweek that reports on the fast-rising success of a handful of iPhone developers.

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Use Smule's Sonic Lighter to Find Out which is the Top Drawers

Smule, known for Ocarina and other best-selling apps, has introduced a new version of Sonic Lighter that enables users around the world to help answer one of life's most pressing questions: "Boxers or briefs?"
If you're a boxer guy, flick on a green flame; if you're a briefs guy, light it white.

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SaxMan Falls Flat — App Fails to Deliver on Description

What can I say about SaxMan, from Yudo Games, except that it really blows.
I have no idea what happened to SaxMan on the way from the drawing board to the App Store but it looks like it might have had a house with a three-car garage dropped on it.

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Glee for iPhone and iPad Unites Gleeks the World Over

Buy Glee Karaoke on the App Store

With a couple of App Store successes—like Ocarina and I am T-Pain—under their belt, Smule has partnered with FOX to unite Gleeks around the world with the new Glee app for iPhone and iPad.

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Likwid Unlocks the Music Within You

Buy Likwid on the App Store

Likwid - We’ve seen several music-oriented games debut on the iPhone and iPod touch, notably Smule’s Ocarina and Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge, 2 and 3, all of which have been long-time best-sellers.

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Leaf Trombone Will Blow You Away

Buy Leaf Trombone: World Stage on the App Store

Leaf Trombone: World Stage - There's something vaguely intimidating about being assigned to review an application and, upon doing a little research, finding out that it's an extremely hotly-anticipated app from a developer with a line of very successful, high-profile offerings.

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iPhone Dominates First Annual Mobie Awards

These days, whenever there are awards to be handed out for mobile application development, Apple's iPhone and iPod touch always dominate the list of finalists
Coming up on March 18, iPhone Boot Camp, which styles itself as a community of several thousand mobile developers worldwide, will hand out its first annual Mobie Awards at the ThinkMobile Conference and Expo in New York City.

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App store Month 4: The Beast has Evolved

Its now been just a little over 4 months since the launch of the App Store, and it feels that the platform is starting to reach a new stage of evolution. Here are a few signs of the new world order:

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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Patrik Hedmalm, Epicore

Patrik Hedmalm, a Happy Game Developer at Epicore, recently took time to answer a few questions for our iPhone Developer spotlight.
When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

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Developers Want Apple to Apply Mathematics to App Store Prices

The question of how to make money selling apps at cut-rate prices or by giving them away free in the App Store is one we've asked a number of developers such as Simon Oliver (Rolando), Ge Wang (Ocarina) in recent weeks.

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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Branislav beno, Animon

AppCraver recently spoke with Branislav Beno, of Animion. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch.
When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?

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Ready to Win Free Stuff? Then Follow AppCraver on twitter

On the lookout for Free stuff? We've got schwag leftover from Macworld and we're feeling generous. All you have to do is sign up to follow us on twitter, then pay attention to the feed. Starting Thursday morning, we'll be giving stuff away once a day for as long as it lasts.

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Apple Plays Key Role in Music Production for the Masses

In the past, creating professional quality tracks meant dropping some serious cash on high-end software and hardware. In more recent years however, there has been a push toward making it more affordable for musicians to record at home.

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Apple Announces the Year's Top 10 Applications in the App Store

With less than a month to go before 2008 wrings out (pun intended since we're officially in a recession) Apple has just announced its Top 10 iPhone App downloads for the year. The list comes out only a couple of days after word began circulating in the blogosphere that the number of apps in the App Store now exceeds 10,000.

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Interview with David Frampton of Majic Jungle Software

David Frampton, creator of DuckDuckDuck and Chopper, says that all he wants is for the best apps to float to the top of the best-sellers list, customers to find the best apps for what they want and for the developers of the best apps to make the most money.

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