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Quickoffice Suite For Word, Excel and File Transfer

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Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, from Quickoffice, is an overhaul of its versatile Quickoffice Mobile Pro, an app that combined Excel editing and file transfer functions.
The big news here is Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite now features the ability to view, create and edit Word documents.

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Quickoffice's MobileFiles Provides Fast Access to MobileMe's iDisk

Editor's Note: MobileFiles has been replaced by Quickoffice Lite.
Quickoffice, which built its reputation on developing office suite apps for the Nokia S60, Symbian and Palm OS platforms, has now put itself on the iPhone.

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Interview with David Halpin, VP Engineering, Quickoffice

Quickoffice started working on mobile iPhone apps for the Palm platform in the mid '90s and saw an opportunity to extend its office app development expertise to the iPhone when Apple launched it last year.

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Mariner Calc Goes Head to head with MobileFiles Pro for Excel files

Buy Mariner Calc Spreadsheet for iPhone on the App Store

Mariner Software's Mariner Calc is the second app that I've looked at on the App Store's productivity shelf capable of viewing and editing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) files. The first was Quickoffice's MobileFile's Pro, which I liked very much.

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App to Connect Film Professionals and Movie Buffs to 45,000 Resource

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Combining the passion for film and technology, editing and post production community AOTG Network is releasing a first of its kind digital magazine The Assembly 1.01, available through iOS App store and Google Play store.

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Brainwaves App Helps Make a Great Improvement in Life

Buy Brainwaves - The Unexplainable Store ® ( Brainwave for Spiritual, Meditation, Sleep, Relaxation, Positive Life, Brain Training ) on the App Store

The Unexplainable Store announces their most popular lifestyle app, Brainwaves - The Unexplainable Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app uses high quality brainwave entrainment recordings to help people make a great improvement in many respects.

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Shaderific Now with new pasteboard and improved accessory keyboard

Buy Shaderific - OpenGL ES development with GLSL on the App Store

Gryphos GmbH today is proud to announce the release of Shaderific version 3.3, a major update of its OpenGL ES shader development application for iOS. Shaderific provides the full range of shader development with the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) on tablet computers and mobile devices.

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How Digital Calligraphy Can Improve Your Ugly Handwriting

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Independent development team, Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon and Yong Jie Hu has announced the launch of Calligraphy HandBook on the App Store.

Nowadays, it seems that computers and virtual keyboards take over handwriting.

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Forget The Hashtag! Proclaims Newly Launched Mobile Startup

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SocialCoaster, a Nashville based tech start up, just launched their highly anticipated mobile app. Founded by 25 year-old entrepreneur Jonathan Burdon, the app will provide the world with a new and exciting way to share experiences through photos.

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Prospect Training Services launch iObserve educational observation app

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UK-based, Prospect Training Services (PTS) has developed iObserve, a new app that enables teachers, coaches and assessors to record audio of their students', learners' or organisations' training or assessment sessions, with instant time stamping to mark exactly when any criteria, standards, or benchmarks have been met or any key points made.

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Fasttrack your progress in English with VerbBusters

Buy VerbBusters English Irregular Verbs on the App Store

Moebius Comunicacion S.L. has announced VerbBusters 2.0 for iOS, an essential utility for learners of English as a foreign or second language. It provides a complete set of resources for the practice of the English irregular verbs, including bilingual verb lists with audio, a quiz-type activity and a searchable database.

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Offline Pages Pro 2.0.1 - Update to the Most Accurate Offline Browser

Buy Offline Pages Pro - Browser with full website download & PDF document reader on the App Store

Codium Labs, LLC today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Offline Pages Pro 2.0.1, an exciting new update to their popular offline browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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OldBooth App Releases Update for iOS7 and Provides Two Week Free

Buy OldBooth on the App Store

The creators of the 'OldBooth' app have recently announced that their successful update for iOS7 is to be the best yet. OldBooth creators, GetApp, told of how they were struggling to create the best version of the application for new Apple updates, the most recent of which is iOS7.

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App Provides the Chance to be Discovered

Buy Talenty - Become Famous on the App Store

Talenty, the brainchild of 17-year-old Sacha Nasan, provides a potential launching pad for people with talents of all types

When 17-year-old Sacha Nasan realized international superstar Justin Bieber had been discovered as the result of a YouTube video, he took it as an opportunity to harness the power of social media to help people around the globe gain recognition and even discovery for their unique talents.

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Freaking Furries gets approved by Apple - Launches Today

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Digital Poke today is happy to announce the arrival of Freaking Furries on the iOS App Store. Freaking Furries comes from the makers of 360 Web Browser and 3 Magic Shots and carries the same innovative stance as their other apps.

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Art Illustration Wallpapers and Backgrounds HD Pro for iOS 7

Buy Art Illustration Wallpapers HD Pro for iOS 7 on the App Store

Dolice today is proud to announce the release of Art Illustration Wallpaper 3.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This application features 400 gorgeous wallpapers, all handpicked and fully compatible with the iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4.

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Melody Pro 1.0 - A Powerful and Versatile Music Notation App for iOS

Buy Melody Pro on the App Store

Nextep LLC today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Melody Pro 1.0, their new music notation app for iPad devices. Melody Pro is a multifunctional tool for aspiring and professional musicians and composers with several features that allow users to access their sheet music on-the-go.

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Cortado Enhances Mobile Productivity with Updated Solution for iOS 7

Buy Cortado Workplace 7 - The Secure Online Storage and File Manager to Share, Backup, Print, Transfer or Upload Pictures & other Docs to your Personal Cloud on the App Store

Cortado, leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, offers an optimized version of its free productivity app, Cortado Workplace, for iOS 7. Cortado Workplace 7 includes an entirely revised file management concept in addition to a completely new usability and design approach.

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Digital Scale PRO - app that turn your iPhone into real scale

Buy Digital Scale PRO - real weighing app for iPhone & iPad mobile device on the App Store

Leviteo has just updated Diamond Scale app into Digital Scale PRO app - the most popular digital scale app in US App Store.

The app was reviewed by and, here is what they say:
"Digital Scale PRO proved to be a pleasant surprise" -
"To my surprise, it's not snake oil: The scale does actually weigh things!" -

Most popular digital scale app in US App Store has just been updated!

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Pro Surfing World Tour - Big Wave Tsunami Stunt Riders

Buy Pro Surfing World Tour - Big Wave Tsunami Stunt Riders on the App Store

Now available on iTunes from Imaginate Games, Pro Surfing World Tour is a surfing sports game focused on great gameplay with cool Anime graphic style. In Pro Surfing World Tour, players must progress through different game stages playing as a unique character.

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SimpleProg Database Manager for iPhone and iPad released to App Store

Buy SimpleProg - Personal/Business Database Manager on the App Store

MakeProg Technologies today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of SimpleProg 1.0, its super simple personal and business database manager developed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

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Illusion Code, LLC. proudly presents Help the Dog

Buy Help the Dog Free on the App Store

Illusion Code LLC today is proud to announce the release of Help the Dog, their gorgeous mind-bending puzzle game. The game is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In order to excel at this game, one must be courageous, intelligent, agile, and creative.

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Worlds Most Annoying Alarm Mobile App, Offers Free Promotion

Buy Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) on the App Store

Created by Delight Room Co., Ltd, Alarmy (Sleep If You Can) will be offered for free for one week, but is normally priced at $1.99. The promotion begins Friday, January 17th and goes for one full week.

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All Women Stalk Features Improved Visuals and Fabulous Lifestyle Tips

Buy Allwomenstalk on the App Store

Girls and women around the world who want to discover the most fabulous version of their fantastic self can now download the latest version of the globally popular no-cost app Allswomenstalk, and enjoy stunning new visual improvements.

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Negatives provides a new look for Instagram

Buy Negatives on the App Store

Independent app developer, Udi Rubinstein is proud to announce the release of Negatives 1.0.0, a new Instagram client for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Negatives provides a new look and feel to the traditional Instagram interface.

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