Abble Dabble is a Letter Tile Game with a Twist

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Developer: Coresoft Inc.
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abble dabble for iphoneLogophiles, Scrabble fans, and anyone who enjoys a good word game should definitely check out Coresoft’s Abble Dabble. Raising the word game bar, Abble Dabble presents an array of settings and features that breathes new life into the characteristic letter tile game, while still retaining the familiarity of a classic.

Abble Dabble gives players numerous features to keep games fresh and user-friendly. Real time spell check ensures you are making a valid word, while the word lookup feature generates valid two-letter words from current letter tiles and lets you check the spelling of any potential words. Abble Dabble also features rotating bonus tiles to keep the game interesting, a real time chat option, and allows for users to play with both random opponents or up to three friends. There is also a Sandbox mode to play alone, challenging yourself to make higher scoring words.

Abble Dabble is supported by a quick, reliable server and allows users to control settings like push notifications for tracking turns, tile rotation, and more. Players can store 25 on-going games at one time with the ability to opt out and delete games at any time. The chat feature is available in-game and navigation between multiple on-going games is simple. The ability to experiment with words and scoring when its an opponents turn and look up words for future use reduces impatience between turns during live games and helps players plan big word score payouts.

For a mere dollar, Abble Dabble is a fresh take on a classic word favorite with rich features and stability. An HD version is available for iPad and both versions are available in limited format to try for free. A built-in leader board displays all-time high scores, so whether you want to challenge friends, strangers, or yourself, Abble Dabble is a superb choice for Scrabble fans.

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    ★AppCraver Abble Dabble is a Letter Tile Game with a Twist

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    AppCraver Abble Dabble is a Letter Tile Game with a Twist