Access2Go: Celebrity News and Entertainment in a Great Package

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

With Access2Go, NBC Universal brings its entertainment news show Access Hollywood the iPhone. NBC Universal hasn’t left a visual stone unturned with Access2Go, and it's all organized brilliantly. It’s got lots of information but it isn’t cluttered. When you start up the celebutainment app you’re immediately taken to a page with the latest stories.

Access2Go has a smooth and clean cobalt blue and black interface. There are 12 high definition photos in a collage that you can move around on the screen and double tap to read the story. Next, you’re taken to a slideshow with that picture. Tap the read button at the bottom of the screen to read the entry or tap the arrow key to move on to other stories. If you click the channel button at the top of the screen, you can scroll through and check out recent stories on many of your favorite celebrities and recent events.

There is a Fab or Flub button at the bottom of the screen where users can voice their opinion on their favorite celebrities fashion winners and losers on the red carpet. There is a poll button at the bottom where you can sound off on the latest poll of the day. The last button on screen is the more button. The more button gives you the option to sign up for the Access2Go newsletter or sign up to receive SMS alerts with breaking news.

By the time you watch the show you may have already read about the stories in Access2Go at least 10 times on other sites. However, unlike many of the other developers that have attempted to do gossip apps, NBC Universal gets the mission accomplished.

Access2Go is fast and isn’t buggy. It has a very well thought out visual interface that makes navigating it simple and easy. The ads that are placed in each of the categories are unobtrusive and relevant to the target audience. The only thing missing from Access2Go is video.

If you need to stay current on your pop culture gossip, then Access2go is a stellar app that will definitely have you coming back to check up on your favorite celebrities daily.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Mike Egizi

    Stay current on pop culture gossip. Access2go for the IPhone. Better yet it is free. They did a few nice job on this app.