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activenotes iphoneThere are almost as many note-taking apps in the App Store as there are fart apps. So, when a new note taker comes along, it has to be really special to stand out, and I don't mean in a stinky way. ActiveNotes, from morbiuslabs, has a couple of features other note takers don't have, but it's still nothing special.

ActiveNotes has many of the traits you'll find in nearly every note-taking app: The ability to set fonts, organize your notes into groups or categories and email notes. ActiveNotes is also missing some features that you'll find on many other note takers such as the ability to set the font size, change the background color or paper, search for notes and enter notes in landscape mode.

The look and feel of ActiveNotes is similar to most other note takers too. I wish the Delete and Add buttons were a little larger, though. I also don't like having to add and delete groups via the Settings page. I think I should be able to do those things from the Groups screen.

Where ActiveNotes differs from other text-based (not audio) note takers is that it can act as a Web server, meaning that you can transport files to and from your iPhone of iPod touch to your desktop. Enter the address and port for your handheld, launch your browser on the desktop and you'll get the hook up in under 30 seconds.

Whenever you use your iPhone or iPod touch, there's a risk (a small one) that a bad guy might scarf up your info. Every app I've seen with file transfer capability gives you the option of password protecting your info, as does ActiveNotes. Each time you connect, you're required to enter a randomly generated password. That's fine, but I'd like the option of turning off password protection. I seldom carry state secrets on my iPhone.

One feature I do like is being able to create notes in my browser and transfer them to my iPhone. Using a full-sized keyboard over the iPhone's touch keyboard is a night and day kind of thing.

I like ActiveNotes for the most part, but like I said, it's nothing special.

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