AdMob Launches a Mobile Ad Exchange Program


admob iphone download exchange programAdMob, a platform for mobile advertising is proposing that App Store developers collaborate, rather than compete, for the attention and wallets of app buyers.

The company has launched a new program called AdMob iPhone Download Exchange that gives developers opportunity to pool their ad inventory and help each other monetize their free, ad-supported apps.

"iPhone developers are clamoring for new ways to increase consumer discoverability of their applications," says Omar Hamoui, founder and CEO, AdMob. "Everyone we talk to tells us the same thing, making this a great opportunity for us to extend another valuable service to developers. So starting today, application developers in AdMob's network can allocate a portion of their ad inventory to our new iPhone Download Exchange and begin helping each other drive downloads."

AdMob says it serves up millions of ads each month on more than 1,000 iPhone and iPod touch apps.

AdMob iPhone Download Exchange ensures ads only run on devices that do not already have the same application installed, as well as by target the correct OS version, geography and device, the company says. AdMob will also help the developer create ads, determine the mix of ads (Exchange ads or paid ads), filter unwanted ads and provide reporting on ad impressions.

Allocation of Download Exchange ad inventory among the exchange members will be based on the quantity and quality of the inventory each member contributes, as well as how appealing the app is and how likely it will be downloaded and installed. AdMob says it will closely monitor and optimize the exchange to deliver the best possible results for all members.

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