AdMob: iPhone Outweighs Competitors by Five Times Its Size Would Suggest


Despite its comparatively small share of the global smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone has been throwing its weight around like a pro sumo wrestler, according to AdMob’s monthly Mobile Metrics Report.

AdMob is a service that delivers ads to mobile sites and apps. The company compiles a monthly metrics report on the state of the global smartphone market. For the first time, AdMob plotted its survey data alongside that of Gartner and other technology research firms. The comparison between number of iPhone’s sold and its market share provides a sometimes stunning view of the iPhone’s global influence.


The iPhone OS had 8 percent of smartphone market share, but generated 43 percent  of mobile Web requests and 65 percent of mobile Web site usage, AdMob says. In other words, Apple outweighs the competition by five times more than its market share indicates.

In April, 24 percent of US requests were over a Wi-Fi network. The top five Wi-Fi devices were the iPhone, iPod touch, Sony PSP, HTC Dream, and HTC Dash.

Apple’s share of the U.S. smartphone traffic in April as measured by AdMob, topped out at an astonishing 59 percent. Apple also ranked in 43 percent mobile Web traffic worldwide.

Some other mind-churning stats from AdMob Mobile Metrics Report:

  • Of the 7.5 billion AdMob ads displayed on mobile devices in 160 countries around the world, 2 billion were displayed on iPhones or iPod touches
  • In the United States, 20 percent of ad requests come from iPhones, 14.8 percent from iPod touches (globally, those numbers are 15.1 percent and 11 percent)
  • Apple’s share of U.S. ad requests grew 5.6 percent month over month
  • The iPhone’s share grew 3 percent in April; the iPod touch’s grew 2.6

The point of the report “was not to give comfort to Apple’s [Steve Jobs]. Rather, it was to measure the large and growing shadow cast on the Internet by smartphones in general,” AdMob reports.

Those growth figures for Apple contrast with its competitors -- Motorola, Research in Motion, LG, Kyocera and Palm -- most of whom lost share in the same period. Samsung, Nokia and HTC grew by small amounts

According to the company AdMob publishes the Mobile Metrics report to provide a measure of mobile Web and application usage from its network of more than 7,000 publishers and 1,600 applications worldwide.

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    35% of US mobile ad requests come from iPhones and iPod touches

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    RT @copetersen: 35% of US mobile ad requests come from iPhones and iPod touches

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    Wow!! RT @copetersen: 35% of US mobile ad requests come from iPhones and iPod touches

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