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Aeterius: Contact Wars
Developer: Florin Dumitrescu
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

aeterius contact wars iphone Aeterius: Contact Wars is a unique idea that works well for the iPhone. The object of the game is to hold the iPhone parallel to the ground and tilt the device in the direction that you want your ship to go. In order to beat the enemies, you have to bump and push them off the screen without flying off the screen yourself.

Opening Aeterius: Contact Wars for the first time was a bit startling. The background music was blaring. It's an unwelcome surprise because I often play games in public and it's embarrassing to attract attention like that. Aaterius has a sound option so the user can easily shut off both music and sound fx or just one of them. The app also supplies a well laid out instructions page which explains everything from the goals and controls to special abilities and enhancements.

Unfortunately, Aeterius: Contact Wars lacks excitement. This game reminds me of Space Invaders mixed with SmashTV. The difference, however, is that those classic games involve more enemies and the ability to shoot. Contact Wars would be excellent if it had either of those things to provide a sense of urgency. Also, Aeterius takes a long time before the user gets to any real challenging levels — unlike games where the excitement starts right off the bat.

On the plus side, I do like the arena stage aspect of the game where all the user has to do is beat the enemies in one level. Aeterius: Contact Wars is well designed and excellently set up. All it needs now is to instill a little bit more excitement during game play and people will have a hard time putting it down.

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  • Florin D.


    I'm the developer of "Aeterius: Contact Wars".
    Thanks for a balanced review, Andrew.

    Just a couple of notes, though. The game is now $1.99 (starting Jan. 15th) right after the release of its first major update, which hopefully fixed some interface/usability issues and improved the levels' balancing and excitement factor :)
    Otherwise, I'll keep on improving it with both fixes and new features, so stay tuned everybody.