Air Sharing Pro Back in the File Transfer App Battle

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Air Sharing
Developer: Avatron Software, Inc.
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air-sharing-pro-iphone-appAir Sharing, from Avatron Software, used to be the top dog in file transfer apps. That was light years ago in App Store time. Since September, when Air Sharing hit stride, several developers have introduced file transferring apps—many of them were more useful and less expensive.

Avatron has just released Version 2, now renamed Air Sharing Pro, with several new additions that make it once again, a competitive file transfer app.

One thing that’s new: You can set up Air Sharing Pro to access remote volumes: MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere, and WebDAV servers. You can open, copy, move, paste and rename on remote volumes. 

WebDAV enables you to wirelessly access your files using a browser. How to connect is determined by your OS. The setup process, if one is needed, is quick and Air Sharing Pro has a useful how-to if you need it. I connected to Windows Vista and Ubuntu version of Linux when I tried the feature. Vista required some twiddling—such as mapping a drive—but Unbuntu snapped to attention with almost no effort on my part. As an aside, I wonder when we'll see iTunes on Ubuntu. The handful of apps that I've used with my Ubuntu machine have worked great.

Although you don’t need Wi-Fi for your connections, it obviously helps. When two or more users are on the same Wi-Fi network, Air Sharing Pro will auto-detect them and connect (if you allow).

You can mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same Wi-Fi network), or connect from any Web browser. That’s the same as it ever was. but  it’s always great to be able to drag and drop files and not have to install a desktop client to do that, like some file transfer apps.

Of course you can view your files, in all the formats the iPhone and iPod touch supports: .pdf, .xls, .doc, jpgs and others. The PDF viewer lets you scroll, pinch and zoom, read in landscape mode and everything else you would expect.

You can choose to email--or get this, print files—assuming you have any Mac OS X with printing sharing enabled. Again you don’t have to install a desktop client.

Air Sharing Pro is introductory priced at $4.99.

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  • Seattle REALTOR®

    Air Sharing Pro Back in the File Transfer App Battle

  • Daemonbot

    You don't actually need a Mac to print: you can enable printer sharing on Linux too. The setting should be called something like "Shared published printers connected to this system."

    Works for me anyway.

  • Dave Howell