AirCam Turns your iPhone into a Home Surveillance System

Air Cam Live Video (AppStore Link)
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Air Cam Live Video
Developer: Senstic
Price: $7.99 Download on the App Store

aircam - iphone video

AirCam from Senstic Systems was released 2 weeks ago and has no reviews yet on the App Store. Yet AirCam, which sells for $7.99 is one of the most startling apps we have ever downloaded.

The idea behind AirCam is to connect your iPhone with the built in webcam of your macbook, or any other compatible external webcam so you can view live feed from remote locations. To do this, you first install a small desktop client, which controls your webcam and streams the video, live to your iPhone. The installation process is simple and bulletproof, and the streaming video on AirCam is of much higher quality than I would have expected. (We will update this post later with an example of the streaming quality of AirCam).

There is only one drawback I can see to AirCam -- no audio support. I have reached out to the developers to see if this will be corrected in a future version.

Image Gallery: Air Cam Live Video

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  • thezonie

    I've just released a similar application on the App Store that connects you up to four computers simultaneously, doesn't cost as much, and works over EDGE, 3G or any WiFi network without any port forwarding or firewall configuration.

    It's called iCam and you can find out more about it here:

    If you check it out, any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • marlon

    im having trouble connecting from my iphone to my computer aircam. my email worked and able to send the smtp. however the upnp are not connecting right. i changed the 1726 default to 1826 and auto port forwarding to the right ip address and its still not connecting.? i have checked the computer for the router upnp enabled. what do you think that im not doing right ? please help...