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AirFight for iPhone

Airfight is a good attempt at delivering a dogfight sim for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developing an app with the complexities involved is no minor feat, and most of the game play turns out quite well. But there is some room to grow and other features that would make this even more compelling.

Airfight offers a single or multi-player mode. Taking on a friend is pretty easy. You will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, tap on the multiplayer icon on the main menu screen. After doing this you'll see a list of any iPhone/iPod Touch connected to the network. Then, with just a couple of taps you can be engaging in aerial combat. Get ready for the long haul though — with only two of you to fight it out, it can be quite a while before you make the necessary number of kills to win the round.

One of Airfight's strengths is its control scheme. The accelerometer is very responsive to turns, dives, and climbs. The throttle is controlled by sliding a bar on the left-hand side of the screen. A bar on the right tracks your altitude. Your enemies appear on a grid at the lower section of the screen. A line appears above or below each dot to indicate if they are higher or lower in altitude than you are.

Your weapons are on the bottom right. There is a circle to tap to fire missiles (which are limited in supply) or a circle for guns (unlimited). A targeting icon is in the middle of the screen for aiming and can also lock onto enemies to fire a missile. But this goes both ways — a giant warning appears if an enemy has a lock on you. Then it is time for some diving and turning to escape.

While the design of Aifight is great, some of the game play implementation could use some work. It is difficult to keep your bearings when you are looking at miles of open ocean. The enemy planes move quite fast and it can be a challenge to make a direct hit with the missiles. The realism created by the difficulty was great — but it left me wanting a bit more action.

If you are a fan of dogfighting games, Airfight is probably one you will want to have. If not, it may not have enough action or arcade-style game play to still make it worth your while.

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