AirMe is a Two-Click Flickr Uploader That Just Works

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

airme is a flickr uploaderFlickr, owned by Yahoo for the last 4 years, is simply the best photo sharing web service out there. Flickr defined web 2.0 with its simple, uncluttered interface, its use of tags and groups, its privacy controls and many other cool and innovative features. Despite many attempts to overthrow it, including Apples own MobileMe galleries, Flickr still is the king.

Unfortunately, until now its been more difficult than it should to upload and view galleries on the iPhone. AirMe solves the uploading part of that equation. Like Shozu, one of the first general purpose uploaders, AirMe concentrates only on the uploading part of the photo-sharing process. Right now AirMe can upload to Flickr, FaceBook, Picassa and Twitter -- less options than Shozu, but enough for most people.

The reason AirMe is great is its simplicity. No login required. Just click once to take a picture and another time to confirm (or retake) - and the picture is uploaded to your Flickr Feed, and GeoTagged with your precise location. This beats Shozu's arduous process by a long shot, and even out-simplifies the MobileMe process. I would prefer an even simpler 1 click upload -- hopefully the developers of AirMe add that in the next release. I would also like a way to batch upload an entire group of images. But those are small asks for a genuinely usefull app.

Until Apple has a MobileMe viewer on the iPhone and upgrades the MobileMe website to where Flickr has been for the last 4 years, I think Flickr/AirMe is the best photo solution.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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