AirSharing Downloaded more than 1 Million Times


airsharing 1 million downloads

In a mere two weeks, the file storage program AirSharing has been downloaded over 1 million times according to the company's president and CEO, Dave Howell. Check out our review of AirSharing which scored a perfect score 10/10 with our staff.
Howell, a former engineering manager at Apple, saw the need for a way to transfer files, including music and videos, using the iPhone.

In an interview with CBS Marketwatch, Howell said: "It was basically a gap in functionality for what is -- from a developer standpoint -- a groundbreaking platform that's clearly evolving," and added "this is really just the beginning for us, so stay tuned,"

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  • Adrian Veidt

    I wonder if those are mostly paid versions or the version they were giving away free?

  • Rockwell

    I think the big question is: how much money are these developers actually making? Is the iPhone a platform that will allow successful developers to make big bucks? If not, will it be when there are 50 million iPhones out there? Will there ever be 50 million iPhones out there?

  • techgeek

    if you like airsharing, you may like "clip2mobile" too. Try it now.

  • Dave

    Rockwell, that depends on your definition of big bucks.

    Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray predicts that there will be 85 million iPhone and iPod touch users by the end of 2009. And that doesn't include any new products on the CocoaTouch platform that Apple might introduce next year. Think tablets, camera/camcorders, and home automation.

    Get 5% of 100 million people to buy something for a few bucks, and you're onto something.

  • Matthew

    I wonder how many of those sold copies were free?
    Anyway, those guys had some good planned marketing company.
    Luckily, I managed to get a free copy of that app, but in some time I've found something better - Readdledocs (it has a lot more fuctions) so I even removed AirSharing from my black 3g.