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Alarm Clock Pro
Developer: iHandy Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

alarm clock pro iphoneAmongst my favorite apps for iPhone are the truly purposeful ones that render the iPhone a convenient multi-purpose device. Granted, a good many practical utilities come as default installations but the free and paid alternatives for some of them offer a few better features.

If you’re in the market for a full-featured alarm clock, Alarm Clock Pro is reminiscent of your digital bedside alarm and has an array of features that make it worth a dollar.

With customizable options, such as brightness levels, optional flashlight and display color and style, Alarm Clock Pro suits all tastes. You can choose to display military time or standard AM/PM display, show the days of the week, customize snooze options and set multiple alarms. There are about a dozen native alarm sounds, but Alarm Clock Pro also allows you to select music from your library to wake to. Perhaps the best feature is Alarm Clock Pro’s ability to push the alarm even when the app isn’t running (iOS 4 required).

Alarm Clock Pro works as described, has many options and features that make it ideal for home and travel use, and has hinted at a few upcoming features – including a sleep timer to fall asleep to your music – that promise to make it one of the most well-rounded clock apps available. New themes and other features are also forthcoming to add to the already available array of options.

For the price and options included, Alarm Clock Pro is an excellent utility for iPhone and one of the most complete alarm clock apps I’ve seen -even former favorites have gone to the wayside with the addition of this one. Currently priced competitively with similar apps, Alarm Clock Pro is still just .99, which is not only right on target, but an overall good value.

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  • Fletcher

    RT @hot_iphone_apps: Alarm Clock Pro Works Like a Charm

  • Don

    An alarm clock app....finally! I was wondering how long it would be before someone filled that void in the app store.

  • Bob

    "Perhaps the best feature is Alarm Clock Pro’s ability to push the alarm even when the app isn’t running (iOS 4 required)"
    I was mislead by this statement, songs or playlists will NOT play when the app isn't running; only standard tones will.

  • TheGooch

    It's a solid app as long as you run it in the foreground. I missed/was late for work several times because I left it in the background and my music alarm did not go off. It has some good features and looks really slick, but that won't wake me up in the morning. :(