Alpine Ski Trail Maps Show the Lay of The Land for Skiers

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

alpine ski trails map iphoneAlpine Ski Trail Maps promises to relieve you of having to tuck away those foldable ski maps into your coat. Instead, it offers hundreds of maps that can instead be all tucked away onto your iPhone/iPod touch.

It's a great concept — overall the maps render fairly well and the interface works smoothly. And for a measly $0.99 you get instant access to a whole selection of maps all inside of one app. Best of all, Alpine Skie Trail Maps saves a map to your iPhone to reduce the time it takes to view it a second time.

The interface is quite user friendly. Fire up Alpine Ski Trail Maps and you are presented with a whole list of maps. Then either scroll down to choose a particular ski resort or use the search function. If your chosen ski resort has multiple maps, you'll be able to drill down further to choose from the various trail maps.

There is also a link to the ski resort's Web site and other contact information. In fact, this information demonstrates how this app could be more appealing with a few more enhancements.  For example, Alpine Ski Trail maps could offer some other details about what is available at the resort, such as food, lodging, what other kind of alternatives to skiing are available, or rental information. As it currently stands you would need to go to the resort web site, where there might be a map to preview the alpine trails anyway.

Alpine Ski Trail Maps could also be stronger if it included more of the medium-sized resorts (like Badger Pass in Yosemite Park) that did not make the cut. Fortunately, by viewing the Alpine Ski Trail Maps web site you can preview which ones are included. Also, there may be an object that turns out a bit blurry in the rendering from time to time, although this was pretty rare.

Despite our wish-list of future improvements, Alpine Ski Trail Maps is a very useful app. If you're looking for ski maps on your iPhone, this is the best way to get them.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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