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Amazing Breaker
Developer: Dekovir, Inc.
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From watching my older brother use firecrackers to destroy my G.I. Joes into smithereens to watching MacGyver whittle a roll of toilet paper and a paperclip into a door shattering bomb, I was always intrigued with blowing things up as I was growing up. This hasn't stopped, trust me, I have a movie collection of action-adventure titles to prove it. Much to my happiness and appetite for destruction, there's an iPhone game from Dekovir called Amazing Breaker, which is amazingly awesome.

What makes this game the "No. 1 ice-smashing game" on the app store is its endless appetite for mass destruction. Destruction of what? Ice sculptures of course. The player is presented with objects such as a telephone, house, pumpkin, ghost, you name it, it's there. They are quite beautiful too, which makes it a shame to destroy them. Ok, not really. 

The gameplay style of Amazing Breaker is very reminiscent of a few birds that are very angry in that it's a catapult game in which the gamer flings different objects (not birds, but exploding bombs) at the ice sculptures. Of course, it's very unique and doesn't feel like "another knockoff", rather it feels awesome and has two feet of its own to stand on.

The goal is to use the various bomb choices to obliterate the objects on each level. But choosing the bomb is part of the strategy. Sure, the classic explode-on-contact option is always a winner. But let's get a little artsy and use the split-into-three bombs genre for some good old fashioned carnage. And don't forget the "ghost bomb" that goes straight through the object, instead of bouncing off the side, to plant a few explosives and then whammy. Beyond blowing stuff up, the gamer must get at least 90 percent to move to the next level.

The sculptures are very well designed with a smattering of interesting coloring mixtures. As the levels progress so do the intricacies of the designs, which makes it a lot more challenging to get to that all important 90 percent blow up rate. Going straight on like a ramming rod won't work in the later levels so strategy becomes a huge factor. Hint, bounce, angle, curve, etc.

If the gamer can get their shot strategy down, then getting the three star maximum will be a lot easier, but don't count on it because part of the game's allure is the difficulty it presents. For its unique take on the catapult genre, Amazing Breaker is a bonafide must download.

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  • joe ravn

    Haha love the review. My girlfriend is ridiculously addicted to this game.

  • hoshiar

    Good Game.......... Like It