Ambiance Update Adds More Sounds and Advanced Options

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Developer: Urban Apps
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ambiance sound machine for ipod touch and iphoneMatt Coneybear recently released an update to his already audio-filled app, Ambiance. This sound machine for iPhone and iPod Touch has a collection of soothing "environment enhancers" such as rain, waves, swamp and freeway.

The 1.4 update brings with it 11 new sounds — airplane, brown noise, cat purr, freeway, heartbeat (slow), three new rain sounds, sailboat, swamp and whale. The revision also makes it easier to browse through the ever-growing list of choices by letting users remove unused noises and only show their favorites.

iPod Touch users will appreciate an option to show volume and front controls. While everyone can benefit from the enhanced timer controls.

The additions to Ambiance have a little something for everyone, but be warned this app now weighs in at 144MB — too large to be downloaded over most networks so it requires installation with a computer connection.

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