Ambiance: Soothe the Savage Beast With Sound

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Ambiance for iPhoneI'm working from home today, but rather than the "peace, quiet and pajamas" I was expecting, there is a construction crew working upstairs. I really need to set the mood... what I need is a bit of Ambiance.

Dubbed an "environment enhancer" by developer Matt Coneybeare, Ambiance is a sound machine for iPhone. It works as described with 13 ambient noises to choose from and 10 more planned for a future update.

The options are hit and miss — "birds" and "crickets" sound pretty accurate while "fan" sounds more like traffic. "Rain" started off soothing until my errant brush against the dialing mechanism turned it into an unexpected — and startling — torrential downpour of "pink noise." Realistically though, the whole point of a sound machine is to find the noise that makes you happy and Ambiance has enough options to make this possible.

One of the great features of Ambiance is the timer. It makes this a useful sleep tool as you can set the clock and drift to dreamland without worrying about waking to a dead battery.

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