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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

AmoveoAs a professional photographer, I'm always intrigued with the latest photo apps. And while I like the point and shoot photo apps that allow you to put different effects on the photos themselves, such as Instagram, I really enjoy apps such as Amoveo that extend past the photo itself and make it more of an experience.

And that's exactly what this app does, it helps you showcase all of your fantastic photos into fantastic slideshows that you can then share with the world. Filled with six theme categories as well as 30 themes such as New Years, Birthday, Christmas, etc., and the ability to create slideshows without an Internet connection, this app promises to bring slideshows to the masses.

When you launch Amoveo you're presented with several categories of which I'm really enjoying the travel one since I love to travel and have a ton of photos from the road. Once you select a category then you can select a theme. Before you select the theme you can actually preview it by tapping on the them to play a quick snippet. This is great for perusing and selecting your favorite.

Then tap again to finalize your selection and your photo library is then brought up for you to choose the images you want to be in your slideshow. You'll notice that in the upper right there is an indicator of how many photos you can choose. This will vary theme to theme.

Just tap on the photos you want and Amoveo will indicate they're selected by make them jiggle. That's a neat feature. Once you select the allotted amount of photos the app will automatically move to the next phase, which is generating the video album.

Keep in mind this next step might take a while because it's doing more than just ordering the images, it's actually rendering the slideshow into a full-fledged masterpiece. Once it's complete, it will show you a video preview and if you like your finished project simply move forward with finalizing it. If not, pic a different theme.

The best part of Amoveo is that it's not just a simple pan and title slideshow maker. The iPhone app is very robust in that it actually animates the image. The image will float, turn, tweak, slide as well as have other animations interacting with it. It's quite unique and the outcome is very professional looking. Amoveo is a must download for photo enthusiasts wanting to show off their work in a beautifully executed slideshow experience.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • John K

    Awesome review! Been looking for an app like this ever since I got an iphone. Thanks!

  • Greg Dawson

    @John - Thanks for checking it out, glad you liked it!

  • Eternal Empire Inc.

    Thank you for the positive review, we really appreciate it, and are glad you liked Amoveo. For all the fans out there, there are still great things to come from Amoveo.

    Thanks again.

    Nazar Navolskyy


    Eternal Empire Inc.

  • JeffC

    this looks great, any plans for an ipad version? it would look awesome on there!

  • flygrass

    thank you for your sharing, I think it is a good software,
    But I have used Photo DVD Burner to create photo slideshow, it is really good.