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amplified bible for bible reader - iphone appsThe Amplified Bible for BibleReader from Oliver Tree Bible Software builds on the company's BibleReader iPhone application ($0.99) to deliver the Amplified version of the Bible for the iPhone. For those not familiar with the Amplified Bible, it is a unique version of the Bible that "attempts to take both word meaning and context into account in order to accurately translate the original text from one language into another."

Overall I liked the Amplified Bible for BibleReader especially the fact it included advanced search (which is always helpful) and additional commentary notes (a big plus). It also had some nice features like the verse chooser, which made is easy to get to specific verses quickly. I found the application, however, a bit expensive ($15.99) given the fact that application's like YouVersion's Bible pack the Amplified version for free along with at least a dozen other versions of the Bible (and with a lot more features)!

Olive Tree Bible Software is a pretty well established player in the market (over 20 years in the business with over 280 mobile Bible products) and I applaud their support for the iPhone platform. As I mentioned, I think their free BibleReader application is a great value.  I am a little hesitant, however, to pay $9.99 for just the Amplifed Version of the Bible when I can get it elsewhere for free. If the commentary notes are important to you or if you are big fan of Olive Tree Bible Software's advanced search, then perhaps it worth the price!

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  • Bill Grossman

    You get what you pay for. This app is worth the $$$

  • Richard Dawkins

    I doubt I will download this particular application.

  • Kammyland Software

    A new App that is a parallel bible (comparative) reader has been published for the iPhone in January of 2009. It is title the "Even Word" and it contains the King James, Amplified, NIV, NLT and many more, including from over 40 languages and 70 translations. And its only $1.99 USD at the moment.

    Built by Kammyland Software, it can be purchased on iTunes.


  • Kammyland Software

    The link to the Even Word comparative bible reader on iTunes is: