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Analytics Pro
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Analytics Pro iPhone app by Zap Bang Done allows you to have access to Google Analytics from your iPhone. If you’re a stat junkie and need your websites stats constantly Analytics Pro might satisfy your cravings.

Many website managers utilize Google Analytics to track site statistics such as the number of visits, pageviews, average time on site, maps and a host of additional information. To access Google Analytics you must first establish a Google account; afterwards you may set up Analytics for your website.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for some time and jumped at the chance to use Analytics Pro. The set up was easy. Type in my Google and Web site information, my password and I was done. I immediately saw my stats and was quickly able to manage multiple accounts.

After selecting Show Reports you are presented with pages that you’ll recognize from Google Analytics.

  • Dashboard
  • Visitors Overview
  • Traffic Sources Overview
  • Map Overlay

Using the report function within Analytics Pro you may also select any of theses additional reports.

  • New vs Returning
  • Visitor Languages
  • Direct Traffic Sources
  • Traffic Referrals
  • Traffic Search Engines
  • Traffic from All Sources
  • Traffic from Keywords
  • Traffic from Campaigns
  • Traffic Ads Version
  • Campaign Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Top Content
  • Content Titles
  • Content Landing Pages
  • Content Exits

Since you’re already familiar with these pages there is no learning curve on interpreting the information as you see it. All of the numbers are there and you are able to adjust search criteria by date. Simply set whatever date range you want.

If you go deep into your sites statistics, you’ll be disappointed in some aspects of Analytics Pro.

A huge problem for me was that I could not go any deeper beyond the front of each page. For instance, when I’m using Google Analytics on my desktop and I’m on the map overlay page, I’ll always click on places that I am receiving traffic from. The way it works is I first click on a country — let’s say the U.S. — to see the numbers of visitors I’m getting from that region. I’ll then scroll down and see the numbers broken down by state. Upon clicking a specific state I’ll scroll down and see my traffic broken down by city. This type of information is very important to me. Unfortunately with Analytics Pro I cannot go beyond the initial view of the map overlay displaying just the total numbers. You’ll run into such dilemmas on each page.

Analytics Pro could use some tweaking and doing so would greatly improve this app. But if you’re on the go and jonesing for a stat fix, Analytics Pro might be what you need to get that monkey off your back.

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