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analyze handwriting iphone appI truly believe handwriting can tell you a bit about someone’s personality, which explains why I was so keen to review Analyze Handwriting.

After putting Aesthetic Systems’ app through the iPhone-o-meter, I have to conclude that I’m either giving the art and science of handwriting analysis, otherwise known as graphology, or Analyze Handwriting too much credit. One of them just doesn’t get it.

Launch Analyze Handwriting and follow the instructions to write first, individual letters, and then a word using the same letters, on the iPhone or iPod touch’s screen in landscape more. Tap the "accept" button, the app does a little magic and then pops out a description of your personality.

I tried Analyze Handwriting in several different ways, first by explicitly following the app’s directions and then by doing my own thing.

Analyze Handwriting directed me to write f-r-e-s-h and then “fresh” and my analysis revealed among other things that I have “a straight-forward approach to life,” that I should “learn to take pressure,” and my “risk taking appetite is lower than what it could be.” You could say that about anyone.

I tried it again, writing w-h-i-t-e, followed by “white.” This time, Analyze Handwriting revealed I have a “straight-forward approach to life,” “my thought-flow has scope for improvement [sic],” and I “have a relaxed mind (no stress).”

Just for the heck of it, I tried cursive and caps and I even wrote entire words when directed to write single letters and each time, Analyze Handwriting came up with similar results. Long story short, this app doesn’t do much of anything close to analyzing one's handwriting.

When you’re instructed to write on the screen, you don’t see the letters as you form them. You’re directed to write something, followed by tapping the Done button and then what you’ve written will appear on screen and you're asked to accept or try again.

The instructions on how to use Analyze Handwriting are written in a fancy script, that is barely legible. I guess I should have seen that as a tip off of what I could expect.

Hand-writing analysis, according a graphologist I once met, is based on interpreting a page’s word of writing. Analze Handwriting doesn’t come close to doing anything like that, whether or not you believe in it.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Jennifer DuBois

    This app has done what could be done in the screen real-estate available. How else could this be better ? For 99 cents I think it's more than 4/10.