Ancient Tribe Off to a Good Start, but Needs to Evolve


ancient-tribe-iphone appIf you’re scoping out real-time strategy games for iPhone in the App Store then you may run across Ancient Tribe by Celestial Digital Entertainment. Ancient Tribe is a strategy game where you grow a tribal village by hunting and collecting natural resources. If you enjoy strategy games like Age of Empires, you might want to give Ancient Tribe a go, but be warned, while it’s a great concept for iPhone it’s still in need of some serious work.

Ancient Tribe has several features that lend to its intensity, but it remains a fairly casual real-time strategy. There are nine different tribal villagers to acquire, from warriors to shaman, various pre-historic game, such as boars, dinosaurs, and mammoths, which you hunt at different locations, and rocks and wood to collect for village upgrades. There are also “god” powers to acquire to help you increase your mightiness.

Ancient Tribe was first released as a $0.99 game and has since undergone an update to fix a known crash and a price increase. That’s all well and good, but performance and stability still appear to be an issue from what I have experienced. On day 12, one of the members of my hunting party managed to hit a glitch amongst a pile of debris and trees in the Oasis and no matter how I tried to return him to the village, he was stuck. I also experienced similar glitches on two other days, one of which completely shut down the app. Restarting revealed that all of my progress for that “day” was lost. As an FYI, these glitches always occurred on the East side of the map.

Progressing to the end goal of Ancient Tribe, which is to reach a village population of 10,000 to witness the construction of a tribal “miracle’ in tribute to you, could be a laborious process. As your tribe grows in population, you need more food, which requires larger hunting parties. Logical? Yes, but every time I tried to separate my hunting party to make quicker work of it, one of the little Captain Cave Man-like dudes would get stuck frantically bouncing off a group of trees or something similar. It became frustrating.

Aside from stability and performance issues, Ancient Tribe does have some promising aspects. Though I have yet to figure out how to acquire any of the beasts for my army, it’s a worthy goal. There are several pages of instructions included in the help section that become a bit more helpful if you revisit them from time to time. The developer has listed a few of the features that will be included in future updates, some of which sound promising as well. Ancient Tribe has the potential to develop a fan base, however until the stability and performance issues are addressed, Ancient Tribe may disappoint more users than it pleases.

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  • brian

    how do i mount creatures on ancient tribe like the dinosaur mammoth please reply me me back at thanks