Android "Dream" Phone Expected Tuesday: Expectations are Low


Lots of news on the Android Front. Apparently next Tuesday, September 23 will be the unveiling date for the first Android phone, the "Dream" from TMobile, manufactured by HTC. The phone will actually go on sale in early October.

According to the International Herald Tribune, "Anyone expecting the Google mobile OS to change the market as the iPhone has done will be disappointed". Unlike iPhone, which delivers a standard UI and web experience, "Carriers in each market will still control how it gets implemented and on which devices and in which form," The newspaper said. "Android lives and breathes at the pleasure of the operator."

Despite the low expectations, some feel that the phone may live up to its early promise. Forbes magazine describes Google as one of the toughest customers in the firm's 10-year history. "They were incredibly demanding and would not cut corners," said one observer. "Android is fully baked, with no tricks."

Google has said that it will launch its own version of the AppStore, called the "Android Marketplace". This is one area where Google's open-door policy may win converts from developers. According to Forbes:"Android developers can really build apps that feel like part of the phone, not just something glossed on top,""The developer community will act as a powerful gravitational force."

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