Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage

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Angry Rhino Rampage
Developer: MilkDrinkingCow inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Angry Rhino Rampage iPhoneWhat’s worse than an angry rhino? An angry rhino on a rampage of course – and there are many worse ways to spend .99 and a few minutes’ time than playing Angry Rhino Rampage for iPhone. A quick, simple side-scrolling action game with several delightful undertones, Angry Rhino Rampage is a solid game debut from MilkDrinkingCow. It features a rampant rhino with an attitude charging and jumping his way to higher and higher scores by destroying objects.

With simple on-screen touch controls, your rhino can charge to destroy random fruit carts, jump on helicopters and poachers, and avoid dangers like cliffs, tranquilizers darts, and boulders. The farther you go, the faster this angry rhino runs until the action is frenzied enough that you lose control.

Angry Rhino Rampage has simple and intuitive gameplay and features elements familiar to side scrolling action games. The challenge is in the increasing speed at which you must respond to avoid or destroy enemy objects and collect health bonuses to stay alive. All combined, the elements make for a pick-up-and-play game that is kind of hard to put down. Additional features include various rhino facts at the end of each game, an original music score, fun sound effects, and visual interest.

Overall, Angry Rhino Rampage is a well-made game with no intricacies to weight it down, but enough substance to make it fun. I personally wish the touch pad controls were reversed so that jump was on the right, but ergonomics aside, it has all the right elements. Well suited as a handheld game, the current 50% off price is just right and it’s a winner for those who enjoy fast paced side scrolling action.

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    ★AppCraver Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage

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    Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage