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Animal Hide & Seek Adventure
Developer: Little Kits GmbH
Price: free Download on the App Store

animal hide and seek iphoneAnimal Hide & Seek Adventure for iPhone is a game for young children featuring colorful animation and friendly music built around a simple seek and find premise. Choose from three adventure themes – jungle, circus, and ocean – and find the animals hidden in each image.

Most appropriate for young children and preschoolers, Animal Hide & Seek Adventure by Awesome Giant is a quality kids app and an ideal companion for those situations where you need a quite distraction.

Animal Hide & Seek Adventure was obviously designed with kids in mind. The graphics, animation and music are very kid-friendly and the seek and find premise is presented in a customary way.

Children become familiar with the animals in each theme during a brief animated cut scene prior to each adventure. The animals are displayed along the right side of the picture to remind them what to look for. There are five animals representing each theme, such as an octopus, seahorse, turtle, starfish, and crab for the ocean theme. When found and tapped, each animal engages in its own unique animation as a reward for finding it.

Animal Hide & Seek Adventure includes four different pictures within each adventure theme for a total of 12 unique hide and seek images. After completing each adventure, another brief animated cut scene unfolds and the game returns to the adventure selection screen. Kids can replay the adventure or choose a new one. The difficulty of each level is on par for young children, with some animals easy to find and others with more inconspicuous hiding spots. This makes Animal Hide & Seek Adventure challenging enough to keep a child’s interest while minimizing frustration.

As a $.99 kids game, Animal Hide & Seek Adventure is a class act app. The graphics and animation are lively and fun and each adventure theme features its own unique music, scenery and animals, keeping it fresh. If you’re a little less adventurous, you can also download a free, Lite version of Animal Hide & Seek Adventure, but rest assured the full version is a quality children’s app.

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