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Another World - 20th Anniversary (AppStore Link)
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Another World - 20th Anniversary
Developer: DotEmu
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Another World for iOSIt's 1991, your name is Lester Knight Chaykin and you're a physicist. Unfortunately, it's not your day and while you're running an experiment using a particle accelerator lighting strikes and wreaks havoc and teleports you to Another World.

Fastforward to 2011, the 20th anniversary of the game, and instead of playing this title on an Amiga 500 or Apple IIGS, it is now available in full, unabated beauty on the iPad and iPhone. The cult classic, also known as Out of this World in North America and Outer World in Japan, was made popular for its cinematic gameplay style. It was innovative and ahead of its times. Luckily, it still has its swagger.

As Lester, players find themselves in an alien world where within the first few minutes a giant creature, part wolf and part ferocious beast, tries to tear his head from the very body that holds it. For someone who did not play the original Another World, this was very frightening, but oddly awesome too.

On a side note, the game features three levels of difficulty and with a two-fingered down swipe brings the game from its current smooth graphic design to the block pixels version from days of old. Also, there are two different types of control schemes, including the virtual d-pad and swipe controls. I find the d-pad to be much easier, especially when trying to time Lester's jumps.

Be warned, death is not only an option, it's pretty much going to happen every few seconds until controls are figured out and learned. Frustration will immediately set in, but it will eventually wear off so keep at it. The game is overly done in the death department in that anything and everything can kill Lester with one hit. Also, going from one static scene to the next causes problems because sometimes the scene starts with a guard about to kill Lester.

One of the greatest aspects of Another World is its lack of information. Most often than not, each game I download tells me exactly what to do to ensure I like the game and get the hang of it immediately, but Another World gives you nothing. Even when I started the game and fell into the water I didn't realize the game started and I had to swim to the top. I literally died before even starting to play.

For its artistic design and cinematic gameplay, Another World is a great buy for true gamers. However, since I didn't really start gaming until the days of Nintendo, I found the gameplay a bit rough. Regardless, I found it very refreshing too and a nice break from the norm of shooters and the like.

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