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antivirus iphoneAntivirus - Computer viruses are the nightmare of any computer user. Clearly worse than aliens or enemy combatants. So why are there so many games where you battle the latter instead of the real enemy you face on a daily basis?

The folks at Dead Rat Games seek to change that with Antivirus. The concept of this game is similar to the excellent Fieldrunners, although it unfortunately is nowhere near as smooth in execution to really be a worthy comparison. To play Antivirus you must set up a series of technological defenses to fend off a computer virus attack. After choosing from a variety of settings that create a maze for the viruses (which look like mutant Koosh balls) to destroy your hard drive, it is then time to launch the defenses.

The available options range from a firewall to a laser. The weapons require a different cost and produce varied amounts of damage on the impending viruses. In order to stave off a computer meltdown you must keep them from draining your battery power. But it is a trade-off: the more weapons your set up the more battery power it requires.

In all Antivirus has some nice potential, but lacks a smooth polish. The graphics are fairly simplistic and some of the other elements are a bit rough. For example, the screen that displays the list of weapons has a microscopic font that makes it difficult to read. Also, playing through the different game screens is not very intuitive. Moving the weapons and tapping on them for upgrades is a chore; it also takes some experimentation to discover what weapons are allowed on which parts of the screen.

The concept for Antivirus is great. Unfortunately, Antivirus just does not have a smooth, compelling style. With some smoother graphics and more customizable weapons Antivirus could belong on your iPhone's hard drive. If you're not sure, try before you buy with Antivirus Lite.

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