Apollonia Kingdom: Save the Jars, Save the Kingdom

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apollonia-kingdom-iphone-appApollonia Kingdom is an action-adventure game where you must fight your way through a variety of monsters, zombie-like skeletons and goblins to find and retrieve the red jars, which will somehow save the entire Kingdom of Apollonia. (I'd love to know what's in those jars!)

The backstory may be thin, but the game has more depth. There are five levels to wind your way through using a simple 4-way controller. The game map is pretty extensive, so it can take a good bit of time to locate and recover the jars. (Apollonia video after the jump)

Apollonia Kingdom presents view-from-the-top map. On the left, you'll find a four-way controller.  The top of the screen holds maps and timers. The right side of the screen contains the "fire" button for blasting away at the bad guys. All of these items sit on top of the game map which makes for a cluttered interface. I'd like the option to hide all the extras and bring them up only when needed.

In addition to the clutter, I've become to used to playing apps that are controlled by tapping in different areas of the screen. It took some time to familiarize myself with the directional buttons. It's an easy enough system, but it's definitely more "video game controller" than "iPhone controller," and not always responsive.

The screen moves with the player, so you can't see too far ahead in any direction. You can use the map to plan your route, but it's an abstract depiction of the landscape and doesn't include any real landmarks.

During your search you can also collect money. Use your booty to visit the Apollonia Kingdom Marketplace and buy weapons, ammunition, magic ingredients, and spells for destroying the enemy. This is where your strategy skills come in handy. There's a decent variety of upgrades to choose from, or you can spend your cash on better health and more time to complete the level.

Overall, Apollonia Kingdom feels kinda old school. It's a fine enough first effort from PervasiveWorks. If you like battling monsters and saving the kingdom, then you may enjoy Appollonia Kingdom. And if not, it's only $0.99 so it won't drain you stash of gold coins.

See if Apollonia Kingdom is for you. Watch the gameplay video:


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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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