1 Bit Ball 1.0 Has Been Released!

1 Bit Ball HD (AppStore Link)
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1 Bit Ball HD
Developer: Michael Sherwin
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

1 Bit Ball 1.0 is now available on all iOS devices! Created by independent developer Michael Sherwin, 1 Bit Ball is a fresh take on the puzzle platformer genre.

Consisting of 50 levels which start simple to give you a feel for the game, and later transition to more advanced levels that will make your head spin! 1 Bit Ball uses simple controls to keep you in the game instead of hunting for the right button to push! Simply tilt your device left or right to roll the ball. Tapping on the top section of the screen will cause the ball to propel upwards; tapping the bottom section will make the ball fall faster. Up or down propulsion will cause the ball to shrink so be careful! Shrink the ball too much and its game over!

Feature Highlights:
* 50 Unique Levels
* Unique Gameplay - Ball shrinks from upward and downward propulsion
* Solve puzzles using Pushover blocks
* Simple and intuitive controls
* Unique art style
* Free updates will include more levels

1 Bit Ball 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. An HD version for iPad is available for $1.99 USD.

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