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1TapGuard - The Angry Dog (AppStore Link)
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1TapGuard - The Angry Dog
Developer: Gilogiq Internet Services S.L.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

1Tapps today is pleased to introduce 1TapGuard - The Angry Dog 1.0 for iOS, their new Security app that enables single touch device surveillance on any iOS device. 1TapGuard provides the first line of defense by blaring out a dog bark that will startle the robber, alert you of the thief's presence, attract the attention of everyone nearby, and force the thug to abandon the heist.

Apple devices are attractive targets to thieves everywhere. Whether you are dining at a restaurant, playing sports in the gym, studying at the school library or working hard at your job, someone will possibly try to steal your lovely device.

Configure your device with system's passcode lock, tap 1TapGuard and press the device power/lock, that's it! Unlike other Anti-Theft "Stealth mode" apps which can easily be disarmed via the Home Button.

Feature Highlights:
- Doesn't stops when you press Home Button
- Doesn't stops when you lock down the device
- It works even on standby and locked
- It works even when the device is on silent mode
- Loud dog barks to scare away the thieves and alert you
- Change between bark and police sounds
- Auto Deactivate / Reactivate on incoming call
- Lot of fun with your family and friends too

Also you can use it in creative ways, while traveling are you sleeping in a not so secure place, put your device behind the door (supposedly locked), activate 1TapGuard and sleep with peace of mind accompanied by eRinTinTin. Are you charging your device on a public place / crowded hostel, just activate 1TapGuard while charging and sleep peacefully.

"With this App, nobody in the office, lunch, gym, will want to touch or grab your loved device ever again, " stated Carles Coll Madrenas of 1Tapps. "This is one of a series of apps we offer, including: 1TapVideo, 1TapFacetime, 1TapSkype, 1TapMail, 1TapHTML, 1Tapps App, etc."

1TapGuard - The Angry Dog 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Review copies are available upon request.

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