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1TapWA - WhatsApp Messenger Icon Home Screen Shortcut by 1Tapps (AppStore Link)
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1TapWA - WhatsApp Messenger Icon Home Screen Shortcut by 1Tapps
Developer: Gilogiq Internet Services S.L.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

1Tapps today is pleased to introduce 1TapWA - Favorites for WhatsApp Messenger directly on your Home Screen 1.0 for iOS. Following the hugely successful release of their 1TapFaceTime which has started more than a million FaceTime text calls with one tap, 1Tapps today announced yet another first. The launch of their new 1TapWA App, a short name for 1TapWhatsApp, is set now to streamline the WhatsApp iPhone user experience.

1TapWA is the first App to implement the new WhatsApp URL scheme for iPhone. The new App enables users to create a shortcut to their favorite WhatsApp contacts and talk to their friends in a single tap from the Home Screen.

"1TapWA App is the perfect partner for WhatsApp and very user friendly," said 1Tapps Founder and CEO Carles Coll Madrenas. "Like all our Apps we are proud of the value we add to other Apps through our 1Tap series like 1TapSkype and 1TapFaceTime."

The 1TapWA App works in the same way as the popular 1TapFaceTime, allowing the user to have an instant preview on how the App icon will look, to choose a photo from the photo library, scale and crop it, and choose contact from their address book. It is a great App for busy people who talk regularly to enable them to stay in touch throughout the day; just tap once to starting talking.

1TapWA user features include:
* WhatsApp Action Scheduler
* Ability to select a WhatsApp Contact from the Address Book
* App uses any contact pictures from Address Book
* Option to write pre filled texts for WhatsApp message
* Use can create as many custom App Icons as they wish
* Select a photo from photo library, crop / scale it
* Instant preview of how App Icon will look
* Icon templates
* Retina Display Icons

1TapWA can also be combined with other 1Tapps Apps like 1TapDial and 1TapSMS and is perfect for older people, or those with visual impairment, as 1TapWA enables their phone to be configured with direct access to Support or the Emergency Services.

1TapFaceTime 2.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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