2P Games Releases 1st Title Bricks Trouble Origins For iPhone and iPad

Bricks Trouble Origins (AppStore Link)
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Bricks Trouble Origins
Developer: 2P Games Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Meet Jed, an alien that is worried about the future of The Universe, because space has been polluted with mysterious bricks. These bricks seem to have a one weakness though - when bunch of them are formed into even rectangle or square - they disintegrate, simply saying disappear. Where did those bricks come from...? Why they're in space...? No one knows... The only thing that matters now is to protect The Universe.

Bricks Trouble Origins is a unique arcade game that's great mix between a space shooter and a bricks breaker. Player controls small ship using accelerometer controls and one touch for shooting/acceleration. His objective is to form full rectangles and squares out of uneven figures made of mysterious bricks. The bigger figure the higher the score which is accompanied by Jed's funny comment. Game picks up the pace the longer player stays alive. It's an endurance game which puts player's skills and reactions to the toughest of tests.

"I'm very excited to release my 1st game on the App Store" says Pawel Pieciak of 2P Games. "I hope the idea will be well received and for the players who will want more, there's 2nd Bricks Trouble game currently in development to be released later this year."
"I'm very proud of my husband; I believed in him and supported his idea all the way through development process. Not even for a second I had any doubts about Pawel finishing his 1st commercial title" says Julia Pieciak - Pawel's life and business partner.

- Mix between a space shooter and a bricks breaker
- Innovative and competitive gameplay
- Simple controls: precise accelerometer + one touch
- Endless mode
- Regular free updates!
- Achievements and leader boards via GameCenter and OpenFeint!
- In game results sharing via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail!
- Supports latest iPad Retina screens!

Bricks Trouble Origins 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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