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Developer: Athena Publications, Inc.
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2WayResume 2.0, a resume creation app developed by award winning career site, AdvancingWomen, uses strategy and techniques from 16 years experience in online technology and job markets to optimize job search for app users.

AdvancingWomen developed 2WayResume iPhone / iPad app as a strategic tool for job seekers, incorporating features designed to speed up the job matching process. The developer's strategies were derived from it's 16 years of experience in the online job space; corporate recruiting clients have included TMP Worldwide, Inc., Sun Microsystems, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Association of Women Lawyers, CareerBuilder, Fedex Kinko's, Accenture Technology Solutions, and Guidance Software Inc. Features were designed to optimize matching a candidate with a job and include the following:

- Guidance on keyword matching. In today's job market, an employer or his software will search a database of resumes for certain keywords: skills, certifications, degrees, job titles and more. 2WayResume guides the job seeker through the process of mirroring back the keywords used in the employer's job description and on the employer's website.

- Matches Employer / Job Board Technology to Assure Faster Processing. By including a plain text version of the resume, along with a PDF version, 2WayResume eliminates an average of 3 weeks processing time placing a resume in an employer or job board applicant data base.

As traditional job boards continue to evolve into more social and interactive sites, as the mobile web gains increasing prominence and resume apps command a slot in the job seeker's arsenal, 2WayResume app breaks ground by introducing social sharing on a resume app:

- Enables Social Networking. 2WayResume taps into what many say is the best way to find a job: leveraging the contacts one already has - a friend, associate or family member who's sold on the job seeker and his or her skills. The app enables the job seeker to update Facebook and Twitter networks and enlist support in a targeted job search with a keyword rich, accomplishment driven resume.

- Localizations for French, German, Spanish, Chinese

For a limited time, 2WayResume 2.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. There is also an iPad version available. Introductory, discount pricing is in effect until January 31st, 2012.

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