33 BITS announce Placer - a free application for remembering locations

Placer (AppStore Link)
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Developer: 33 BITA ZAO
Price: free Download on the App Store

Placer, from 33 BITS, allows a user to save locations with the maximum for an iPhone accuracy of up to 5 meters and to find needed places using a map or compass. The application was created for people who want to save interesting locations and easily share them with their friends. Being easy-to-use, Placer solves multiple problems:

* It saves any location and its image by simply clicking one button
* It allows attaching explanatory comments or notes to places
* The destination can be found through a map, compass or navigation system
* The location can be sent to anybody through SMS or posted directly on social networks

Locations can be shared with everybody - it is not necessary for a receiver to have an iPhone, the link sent by SMS or posted on social networks directly from the application can be opened on PC or any phone browser. Locations sent to Placer users will be opened automatically in the application. Placer will be interesting for everybody. It can be used for many purposes as it can be seen from first users' feedbacks:

"On my trip to Europe I was saving a lot of interesting places which are not published in a city guidebook. I will be able to find them in my next trip"

"I am a photographer and I use Placer to share photo shoots locations with my friends on Facebook"

"One day I left my car on a huge mall parking and I easily found it using integrated compass"

"When I planned to organize a beach picnic I sent the location to my friends through the application and everybody managed to find the place. It could be hardly done by just explaining how to get to the place"

"I am volunteering to help homeless animals. I share the place of any animal with the group for everybody to find it, feed or take it home"

General features:
* The list of saved places, places' names and their location information
* Separate photo screen with attached notes and direct links to app or to the sharing option screen
* Placer provides a location of a place and user. It can be also switch to a compass or a navigation system
* A special menu to check a direction, a place distance, a speed and an accuracy of satellite
* The accuracy is shown while taking pictures. An option to improve the image with different filters
* Sharing places through SMS or social networks directly from the server

The secure and convenient usage of the product guaranteed.

Placer 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

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