A Baby for the Storks Personalizes the Story With Voice Recording

A Baby for the Storks (AppStore Link)
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A Baby for the Storks
Developer: Makea Mobile Oy
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Makea Mobile Ltd introduces A Baby for the Storks, a new books app that lets users read and record a story for their child. Interactive and fun, children can listen to a story read with a familiar voice, while finding hidden, animated surprises on every page. This delightful story chronicles the delivery of a new baby to a family of storks.

A long time ago it was thought that babies were brought to people by white storks that carried them in their beaks. That's right my friend, believe it or not! Those babies don't come straight out from the bellies of their mothers, but are sent to the door wrapped inside a towel! It just happened that a couple of storks had a baby delivered to them and look: they became Mom and Dad themselves and now they are on a parental leave. 

The application has been translated into several different languages; in English, Chinese, Russian and Finnish.

Implementation of the book application is extremely delightful. Text and images are stunning, the use of the application is smooth; just for the the iPad and iPhone devices, the best reading experience with your love ones. The story is accompanied by animations that come up with the story in addition to the hidden surprises that reader can discover. Story reader can record the readings, later the child can listen a story read with a familiar voice.

A Baby for the Storks is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category.

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