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Developer: Trevor Doyle
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Take Back Algebra is a unique app in such that it offers 100s of hours of math tutoring full courses taught by a qualified teacher. I am simply a math teacher who wanted to help students have access to math lessons at night to get their homework done.

Right now there are 4 Apps on the iTunes market using the now ubiquitous iPhone App platform. Each Algebra and Pre-Algebra App has 85-124 full Algebra lessons that any High School student needing to keep up with their studies may use. Since the iPhone is easily transportable students have the freedom to study from anywhere they choose and at any time they desire. The Apps offer step-by-step math instruction using easy to follow style and are the perfect 21st century tutor for students who need that extra bit of help to keep up with their Algebra studies.

Take Back Math was started by a California math teacher. Trevor Doyle has spent the last 10 years teaching in the classroom collecting techniques that really work for struggling students. That paired with students who seem constantly buried in smart devices has made Algebra Apps the ideal medium to deliver math help that works. Students have become tired of overextended math teacher who aren't available to help with homework issues, hourly tutors cost hundreds of dollars a month, and it's only natural that they will turn to algebra apps like Take Back Math's algebra available in the app store. Students turn to their prized devices for something other than games. Take Back Math have given students an affordable option that truly helps. These searchable lessons can be used as homework help or a full course for homeschoolers.

Take Back Math's Algebra app is a great example of the future of education. Today's students do not want printed out of date text boxes when smart devices make it possible to receive quality, new education techniques instantly. So go to the app store and see if Trevor Doyle's apps can help you or your students. Take Back Math, it's time!

Algebra. 1.2 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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