ABC Shakedown Plus Integrates YogiPlay App Recommendations for Kids

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ABC Shakedown Plus
Developer: i-Itch Inc
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i-Itch Inc is pleased to announce that their world renowned, teacher developed, reading readiness app, ABC Shakedown Plus, is now boosted by YogiPlay! YogiPlay is the first personalized mobile learning apps recommendation engine designed specifically for children from ages 3 to 8. YogiPlay provides parents with valuable insight into their child's learning and play patterns, along with meaningful personalized and educator-approved app recommendations, tailor-made for each child's specific learning needs.

With the newest update, just parents can tap the YogiPlay Parent Center button to get:

  • Insight into their child's learning and progress on their favorite YogiPlay-boosted apps
  • Custom recommendations for fun learning apps from YogiPlay's educational experts based on their child's preferences, and
  • Fun ways to motivate their child's learning

ABC Shakedown Plus is a classroom tested and researched based app. This three in one app has been successfully integrated into classrooms all over the globe. Children are sure to be engaged by these slick, new, interactive alphabet games. The original illustrations, delightful animation, and correlating sound effects will enable your child to master the letters of the alphabet in a fun and entertaining way.

Classic - introduces each letter of the alphabet using a slideshow format with easy prompts and a "SHAKE feature" to work your way from A to Z.

See it, Say it - has the child choose between three letter blocks, that when touched, say their letter name. The object is to DRAG the correct block to the corresponding picture that begins with that letter. This game reinforces letter recognition and initial letter sounds, using both your visual and auditory senses.

Hear it, Hit it - has the child choose between three buttons, that when touched, say a letter sound. The object is to DRAG the correct button to the corresponding picture that begins with that sound. This game was designed to have the child rely completely on auditory discrimination to learn the specific sounds that each letter in the alphabet makes.

Each game builds upon the next, reinforcing skills that will put your child on the road to reading. The games are intuitive and easy to navigate.

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