Acornlicious-Free: A game by HM Direct is now available on the App Store

Acornlicious Free (AppStore Link)
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Acornlicious Free
Developer: HM Direct LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

HM Direct today is pleased to announce that the free version for Acornlicious - a game for iPad and iPad mini has been approved for release in all regions. Aconlicious is an action packed game, which challenges the player to control Mumu the squirrel, by tilting and tapping the iPad, to grab acorns, while avoiding enemies.

The game is set in five different locations: forest, iceberg, sea, alien world and burrow, where each location is progressively harder than the previous. Forest scene is free, while other four scenes can be unlocked by a single In-App purchase. The player has to collect a certain number of acorns to win the game. The player can keep the timer on, and losses the game if he does not have enough acorns, before the time is up. The timer can also be turned off, and player can play at his/her own pace. The game is suitable for both kids and adults.

* Beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display
* New worlds to discover
* Non-stop gameplay
* Simple and intuitive controls: Tilt and Tap
* Allows you to play against time or take your own time
* Several scenes
* Multiple levels

Acornlicious-Free is free to download and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Additional resources, including game screenshot, may be found at HM Direct online.

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