Actions 1.1 brings Flows, a renewed design and the first seed investor

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Actions for iPad
Developer: Actions s.r.l.
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Actions for iPad, the first smart software controller, finally announces its major release Actions 1.1 (codename Woodpecker) and the foundation of a new company around the product (Actions s.r.l.). Actions, known for its revolutionary approach to computer interaction, makes a further step introducing the new "Flows" feature, which brings the ability to create cross-application macros.

With Flows, it is possible to start a sequence of actions, instead of a single one, with just one tap on your finger, eliminating useless repetition and helping users automate their recurrent tasks. Flows comes with several options to accommodate a bigger spectrum of possibilities such as "Wait" steps, which allows variable inputs in the middle of the macro chains, and more.

Also, edit mode has been improved by making possible to duplicate actions with a two finger long press and to drag them easily between sets. Additionally, it is now possible to lock each set, disabling the autofocus of a set when the linked software is recalled.

With Actions 1.1, the first major overhaul of its core functionality and purpose, also arrives the first seed fund (50k) from CII2. Actions 1.1 features iOS7 inspired pads with flat icons and colors, for a brighter and more intelligible look.

Actions for iPad 1.1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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