Adrenaline Crews Urban Assault for iOS/Android, Now Available and Free

Urban Assault (AppStore Link)
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Urban Assault
Developer: Adrenaline Crew
Price: free Download on the App Store

Adrenaline Crew is known for motorcycle stunts, racing, and generally reckless behavior, but that wasn't enough. They had to go and release their own mobile games! (There goes the neighborhood.) Urban Assault 1.0 is their latest attack, taking on the endless runner genre that Temple Run helped make famous. Whether you're loyal to iOS or Android devices (or maybe you're one of those nuts that likes both), you're covered. Adrenaline Crew likes freedom, so they said "screw it", and made the game Free. (Go on! Git!) Check out the trailer, or just download it now!

More About Urban Assault:
From the creators of the top selling Race Stunt Fight series comes Urban Assault. Drive down the road shooting at whatever comes your way to gain coins that help you unlock each vehicle's true potential! Pick from a Mustang, Hummer, Cop Car, Motorcycle, or just run in your shoes, as you zoom through over 40 maps each with new and exciting things to blow up!

The bullet points!
* Each vehicle has a special weapon, including EMP, Flamethrower, and Each level has new and exciting objects to blow up including, Chickens, Toxic Barrels, and Police Roadblocks
* Tons of Achievements to unlock

Urban Assault 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Watch the Video

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